2015 Lethbridge Sun Times Best of the Best

January 3rd, 2015

The Lethbridge Sun Times is back with the 2015 Best of the Best contest! Once again I would so appreciate if you could vote for me under Best Photographer on the Services page.

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You don’t need to be in Lethbridge to vote and they let you vote once every 24 hours, per device, so please check back whenever you can :)

Thank you in advance for the support!

Cute Nicholas Sheran Family Portraits [Shari & Garett]

January 27th, 2015

Cute Nicholas Sheran Family Portraits

I love getting together with Shari and Garett every year to see how much their adorable girls have grown… and partly to see what awesome outfits they’ve picked out this time (I think Liv was the best this year in her baby pink skull dress). This year was special because it was their first photos together since Alivia arrived! We did their cute Nicholas Sheran family portraits in the morning and the girls got to run around and throw lots of stones in the lake.

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An Explosion of World Dance and Music, our 2015 Lethbridge show!

January 22nd, 2015

Ammena Dance Company’s “An Explosion of World Dance and Music” 2015 is coming soon! Tickets will be on sale on February 3rd at the Yates Memorial Centre in Lethbridge and this year we are doing two shows again: Friday March 6th and Saturday March 7th!

We have a lot of black and red costumes in the show this year, including our awesome broadway tango finale piece, so it was important to get those colors into the poster. Plus, after saying we wouldn’t have a lot of props to dance with this year, Ammena brought in all kinds of goodies for us! Candles will be a big part of the show, so we covered the floor with them (which were much easier to clean up than rose petals!).

Because the setup wasn’t as complicated as last year, we got to sneak in a few extra non-poster photos as well :)

This year’s show will feature bellydance, Bollywood, dancehall, burlesque, tango, broadway, and more, so please come check it out!

Model, Wardrobe: Ammena Talhami
Makeup and Hair: Ammena Talhami
Concept, photography, design: Tanya Plonka

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Lethbridge Autumn Pet Family Photos [Irene & Jed]

January 20th, 2015

Lethbridge autumn pet family photos

Some dogs love eating couches and Cricket is no exception! When Irene and Jed added her to their family to be Finnegan’s sister, their beloved couch did not survive the new addition. They wanted to commemorate their couch in pictures before sending it away so we had a lovely autumn pet family photo session with them, the dogs, and the old furniture in their backyard. The dogs thought we were having a party and loved zooming around in between poses, but still listened perfectly when it was time to look at me.

After our time in the yard, we took them on an adventure to Lethbridge’s Pavan Park where they got to smell all kinds of other dogs :)

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Nicholas Sheran Autumn Family Portraits [Annelies, Jenn & Dan]

January 15th, 2015

Nicholas Sheran autumn family portraits

I was so happy to see Jenn and Dan’s family grow by one last September, and I can’t believe it’s already been a whole year! We celebrated Annelies’s first birthday with Nicholas Sheran autumn family portraits where Annelies got lots of cuddles from her mom and dad. She was very entertained by the funny sound effects we made, though it may have backfired as she started imitating all of them. I guess they will need a bit of time to unteach her a few things ;)

Nicholas Sheran Lake had such amazing crunchy leaves for our session and we had such a beautiful afternoon to work with. Annelies was such a trooper… not once did she remove her headband even though normally it would instantly be removed. She must have known how important it was for her ensemble!

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CASA Generation Photo Session [Tammy & Family]

January 13th, 2015

CASA generation photo session

For a special gift to her mother, Tammy set up a multi-generation photo session with her daughter, brand new granddaughter, and sister at Lethbridge’s CASA building. Little Freya was so giggly when her aunty did silly dances behind me and with all of my silly sounds, we definitely made fools of ourselves! ;)

These four ladies are so beautiful and I loved watching their family interactions. I also love how well coordinated they were and their colors worked so well with the decor in CASA!

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CASA Winter Engagement Photos [Becky & William]

January 8th, 2015

CASA winter engagement photos

Becky and William got an early start on planning their autumn wedding for next year and took care of their CASA winter engagement photos as soon as possible. They are so ridiculously cute together and make such a great couple! They have great senses of humors and were so laid back for the session. We were all well behaved and didn’t photobomb the news segment being aired there even though we joked about it ;)

At the end, we couldn’t forget about the pretty snow and snuck outside for a few final pictures.

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