Fort Saskatchewan Wedding [Jon & Cathryn]

July 24th, 2014

39 fort saskatchewan wedding photography Fort Saskatchewan Wedding [Jon & Cathryn]

Last weekend, Cam and I made the trek up to Fort Saskatchewan for Cathryn and Jon’s summer wedding. I met the two of them during university and haven’t seen them in years, so it was great to finally catch up! They are just such a perfect match for each other, right down to their personalities and mannerisms.

Jon broke from tradition by including a groomswoman and a groomsdog! His and Cathryn’s dog Scotty stole the show on more than one occasion that day and we had so much fun with their full wedding party.

They had both their ceremony and reception at Pioneer House, which put us conveniently close to Legacy Park and Turner Park for photos. All of the flowers in bloom, plus the canola fields, were so vibrant from the bit of rain that morning, and luckily we had a dry afternoon :)

Congratulations, Jon & Cathryn!

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Nicholas Sheran Kids Photography [Dominic & Cole]

July 22nd, 2014

01 nicholas sheran kids photography Nicholas Sheran Kids Photography [Dominic & Cole]

It’s been a year since I’ve seen Dominic and Cole, and while Dom was already running around then, Cole was only a newborn so it was so shocking to see how big he is now. Both of the boys are now big enough to go on adventures together and, of course, to get into much trouble together, I’m sure!

We did their kids photography session on a beautiful spring evening at Nicholas Sheran Lake in west Lethbridge and the boys had so much fun playing with their dogs at the park. They are both such happy kids and were constantly laughing.

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Lethbridge Rural Summer Wedding [Alyson & Jordan]

July 17th, 2014

25 lethbridge rural summer wedding Lethbridge Rural Summer Wedding [Alyson & Jordan]

Jordan and Alyson had such a beautiful Lethbridge rural themed summer wedding with touches of wheat and wild flowers to complement all of the other vintage and lace details they included.

They had their afternoon wedding ceremony at Marantha Church in West Lethbridge. The two of them were so amazing to watch. They could not stop smiling at each other and laughing with joy through the whole ceremony (plus a bit of happy crying, of course).

For photos, they chose such a personal place: their own farm. The farm had such beautiful old buildings and lush green wild grass, making it such a gorgeous location for photos. Just down the road was Jordan’s family’s farm, which allowed us access into the bright yellow canola fields. I just love when canola is in season and so saturated like that!

Their reception was held back in Lethbridge at the College’s DA Electric Barn where they served donuts instead of cake :)

Congratulations, Jordan & Alyson!

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Henderson Lake Family Photography [Cathy & Ed]

July 15th, 2014

07 fun lethbridge weddings portrait photography Henderson Lake Family Photography [Cathy & Ed]

Cathy and Ed are so excited about their new baby granddaughter, Kiya! Henderson Lake was the perfect backdrop for their four generation family photography session in Lethbridge and we narrowly missed the rain. Instead we got to make use of the first buds and even got a few hints of sunshine!

Cathy’s mom and dad were able to join us for photos and it was wonderful to get all four generations together. Kiya is really going to treasure these photos when she is older! It was so sweet seeing her interact with her grandparents and great grandparents. She was such a smiley baby and loved sticking her tongue out when she was happy!

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Early Spring Coulee Portraits [Jenae & Derrick]

July 8th, 2014

01 early spring coulee portraits Early Spring Coulee Portraits [Jenae & Derrick]

Jenae and Derrick brought along their gorgeous blonde dogs for some early spring coulee portraits this April in Indian Battle Park here in Lethbridge. It took two tries… our first scheduled day saw rain and we decided to postpone, so of course that meant the rain totally cleared up in time for when the photos would have been! It was all for the best though because we did early evening portraits instead and the light was absolutely beautiful. All of the golden colors of the sun and grass perfectly complimented Jenae’s long blonde hair and, of course, the fur of their golden retrievers!

Derrick and Jenae are so sweet together and are a really laid back couple. You can tell it’s not just in front of the camera because their dogs Ayisha and Nala also radiate this calmness. It was so easy taking their photos! :)

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Norland Early Summer Wedding [Jason & Aamee]

July 7th, 2014

21 norland early summer wedding Norland Early Summer Wedding [Jason & Aamee]

Aamee and Jason choose such a beautiful day to have their Norland early summer wedding, and (in my opinion) the most beautiful place in Lethbridge to do it!

The couple planned out their day perfectly with lots of time to get ready followed by casual portraits, and then a gorgeous outdoor ceremony that led right into their reception so their guests could go straight to the party.

At their reveal, they looked at each other with so much adoration and it didn’t fade at all throughout the day. They are so sweet together and radiate love! It was clear that their bridal party were such strong friends with them and they had so much fun together all day.

The Norland looked especially lush from all the rain we’ve had this year and we had a perfect day with very few mosquitoes and no rain, just a nice cloud cover to keep everyone cool during photos. The sun came out just in time for their ceremony and added a beautiful glow all around them while they said “I do.”

Congratulations, Jason & Aamee!

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