Lundbreck Falls Family Photos [Tammy & Kirk]

March 31st, 2015

Lundbreck Falls family photos

Tammy and Kirk had all of their kids down for the long weekend and decided it was time for some updated family photos at their house near Lundbreck Falls. They have a beautiful property overlooking the mountains so we had no shortage of gorgeous backdrops! They are such a warm, welcoming family and it’s clear they have a great time with each other every moment they are together.

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Lethbridge CASA Spring Wedding [Kyle & Briana]

March 26th, 2015

Kyle & Briana, Lethbridge CASA spring wedding

Occasionally I have couples need me in a hurry, and with only a week to spare before their wedding, I was thrilled to be able to fit in this beautiful couple! Briana and Kyle decided to push up the date of their autumn nuptials and planned their gorgeous early spring wedding in only five weeks. Between their fun book details at the reception and awesome wardrobe, you’d never know they put the celebration together so quickly.

We started out their photos with a first look at CASA, which had all of the usual tears and laughter ;) I barely had to pose them during their portraits because they couldn’t stop staring and smiling at each other! They are both hilarious so we had no shortage of smiles throughout the day.

Their family, who was a huge help in putting the wedding together so quickly, joined us at CASA for the wedding party and family portraits, then we headed to the Lethbridge Croatian Centre for their intimate ceremony and reception.

Congratulations, Kyle & Briana!

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Edmonton Family Photos [Don & Linda]

March 24th, 2015

Fun Lethbridge weddings and portrait photography

I hadn’t seen all of Don and Linda’s family together since Julie and Andrew’s wedding many years ago, but now there are lots of little kids involved too! Right after Cathryn and Jon’s wedding (where Julie was also a bridesmaid), we drove a little further south to Edmonton for their family photos with all three generations. Ryan and Jenn’s boys were so happy and full of energy and loved playing with everyone. This was my first time meeting Julie and Andrew’s new baby Evelyn, and I couldn’t get over how much she looks like Andrew! :)

We chose a park nearby Don and Linda’s house and all of their kids drove down for the day to visit. Behind the scenes there was lots of singing, flying sock monkeys, and strange sound effects to get the kids excited ;)

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Lethbridge City Hall Wedding [Norman & Erin]

March 19th, 2015

Norman & Erin, Lethbridge City Hall wedding photos

Norman and Erin did a great job planning their Lethbridge City Hall wedding in a short amount of time and chose such a great place for their closest friends and family to join them. The City Hall foyer was a gorgeous location for their intimate wedding with its huge windows and vaulted ceiling.

It was such an honor to be a part of Erin’s wedding after knowing her for so many years. I love seeing how happy she is with Norman and they are such a cute couple :)

Erin is a makeup artist, so of course she looked flawless! She chose a timeless lace dress with beautiful straps while Norman looked so sharp in his well fitted gray suit.

p.s. I totally appreciate that fellow tall girl Erin rocked heels at her wedding ;)

Congratulations, Norman and Erin!

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Lethbridge Grad Photos [Yael]

March 17th, 2015

Fun Lethbridge weddings and portrait photography

Yael’s graduation came at a perfect time – the coulees were so lush and green for her Lethbridge grad photos! There wasn’t even a hint of rain that day :) Her and her family joined me down in Indian Battle Park for some photos to celebrate this momentous occasion. Yael looked absolutely stunning.

Her dress was a beautiful mix of flowing blush pink and sparkly white with super fun pink Converse shoes added for some extra personality. It was a perfect match for the season since all of the pink blossoms had just popped out on the trees the day before!

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Yael!

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Riverstone Couples Photos [Darlene & Bob]

March 12th, 2015

Riverstone Couples Photos

Bob and Darlene dated back in high school but things didn’t work out between the two of them. After going their separate ways in life, they eventually reunited and realized they were meant to be together after all! :) I love stories like this!

While Bob was in Lethbridge visiting Darlene, they set aside some time for couples photos in Riverstone and Sunridge on the west side. It was so fun watching them together; they totally act like they are still sweethearts in high school. I love seeing people so in love with each other like this!

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