Crowsnest Pass Mountain Maternity Session [Erika & Josh]

April 15th, 2014

erika josh maternity crowsnest pass photography 01 Crowsnest Pass Mountain Maternity Session [Erika & Josh]

It is always so amazing watching the people I grew up with move through such huge milestones in their lives. Erika and Josh’s wedding was a big one for me, and now they have had their first baby! I am so happy and excited for them and it was obvious they are feeling those same things; they were radiating so much positivity at their Crowsnest Pass mountain maternity session. Even as we walked between locations, they couldn’t help but discuss big plans for their little girl (like how she totally needs a tree house to play with her dolls)!

I’m so excited to get to meet little Molly very soon!

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Markin Hall Engagement Photos [Amelia & Abram]

April 10th, 2014

amelia abram lethbridge engagement photography 02 Markin Hall Engagement Photos [Amelia & Abram]

I was so happy that we had all this fresh snow for Amelia and Abram’s engagement photos, and even happier that they were willing to brave it out there with me for what seemed like a very long, frigid 10 minutes! Luckily we had the warm Markin Hall at the university to escape to right after, and the contrast seemed like a bit of a shock.

If Amelia was this giggly and happy for engagement photos, I can’t wait to see what she is like on their wedding day. I think Abram did pretty good for not liking having his photo taken! We even got some smiles out of him :) I’m so excited for their wedding next month and can’t wait to see how beautiful Amelia is going to be in her dress after seeing the sneak peak photo of it.

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Pavan Park Morning Family Photos [Amber, Ian, & the Kids]

April 7th, 2014

amber ian lethbridge family photography 01 Pavan Park Morning Family Photos [Amber, Ian, & the Kids]

I’ve been doing Noah and Zoe’s photos each year since Zoe was born, but whenever we’d try putting the kids together, crying would usually ensue. This year things were almost magical and they actually loved being around each other, including hugs and kisses! What a difference just one more year makes :)

We headed to Pavan Park for their morning family photos in the autumn, and though it was a little chilly, the touches of sunlight were gorgeous and we just made sure hands stayed in pockets in between photos.

It’s so fun seeing them grow up and they are such a cute family, so I’m always so delighted to get to work with them again.

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Lethbridge Newborn Baby Girl Photos [Natali]

April 3rd, 2014

natali lethbridge newborn photography 02 Lethbridge Newborn Baby Girl Photos [Natali]

I met Sheana and Chris a couple years ago for their wedding and was so excited to hear that their family was growing! They recently welcomed sweet newborn baby girl Natali into the world and even though they look exhausted, they are obviously so in love with her. We only got her to sleep through a bit of the session but she was super mellow when awake and so easy to work with, as long as we kept the soother handy :)

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Lake Louise Snowy Winter Wedding [Alex & Erika]

April 1st, 2014

30 lake louise snowy winter wedding Lake Louise Snowy Winter Wedding [Alex & Erika]

I adore tiny, intimate weddings and Erika and Alex had the ultimate: a beautiful Lake Louise snowy winter elopement, planned at quite the last minute. With less than a week’s notice (and the day after moving, no less), Cam and I were on our way to Lake Louise to capture the couple’s gorgeous day.

Their ceremony was held at the classic Deer Lodge near the lake and the rustic feel of the hotel was a perfect compliment to Erika’s vintage sense of style; she would have fit in perfectly when the lodge first opened! I loved the contrast to Alex’s modern look of his slim fitting gray suit and matching high-tops.

Erika was hoping for a winter wonderland and she definitely got it! After a very frigid week, Lake Louise warmed up just in time for their wedding photos but not so much that any snow melted away. Even the ice castle was still left standing on the lake. Between the lodge and the lake, we had no shortage of photo opportunities.

Their ceremony was beautiful and quiet, and their officiant took her time to make it that much more special. We were so happy to be able to take part.

Congratulations, Alex and Erika!

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Calgary Lougheed House Winter Wedding [Edina & Eric]

March 27th, 2014

16 edina eric calgary lougheed house wedding Calgary Lougheed House Winter Wedding [Edina & Eric]

Eric and Edina’s Calgary winter wedding was the perfect start to the 2014 season! They held both their ceremony and reception at Calgary’s historic Lougheed House with their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful intimate event filled with so much laughter, love, and joy.

Eric’s daughter Svea was a very important part of the day and had a special part just for her in the ceremony. She even got to wear a dress in her favorite color, pink! However, she was quite disappointed the limo wasn’t also pink, which would have been fitting for how much Edina looked like a Barbie in her mermaid-style wedding dress.

We had such a great time with them all day and felt so welcomed by their families.

Congratulations, Eric & Edina!

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