Hotel Arts Model Shoot

Yesterday I took part in a great collaborative fashion shoot at the Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary. Our team consisted of three photographers, three assistants, five models, two makeup artists, and one hair stylist/salon – as well as the Hotel management and staff themselves. Throughout the evening we broke off into our teams and worked with the gorgeous models, making use of the beautiful space in the hotel. It felt really rushed (I feel like I barely shot anything!) but I was definitely pleased with the results and with the great collaboration we had going on.

Special thanks to Michael Warf for organizing the bulk of this, Torin Segstro for being my lighting assistant, the Hotel Arts for having us, and to all the models (Mikyuki, Melissa, Elaina, Rydell, and Lacey)!

I’ll hopefully share more of the shots later, but for now here are my favorites:

hotel arts 04 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 01 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 02 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 03 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 05 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 06 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

hotel arts 07 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

This last one was shot in the shower while a pillow fight was being shot in the bedroom area :)
hotel arts 08 Hotel Arts Model Shoot

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  3. matt novak says:

    hey just wanted to say love the pic with the urinals. that is so sexy. i look forward to seeing more pics like this

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