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Juliana | Lethbridge Newborn Photos

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Juliana came into the world just a little over a month ago, and she’s already trying to hold her full head of hair up! She was so laid back during our session, so hopefully she is like that most of the time for her mom and dad :)

Congrats, Joan and Erwin! (more…)

The Walton Family, Lethbridge Family Photos

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Though their family is grown up and many have moved away, the Walton family was all together this weekend once again! I met up with Frank and Donna, their four boys, and their mini families to give them a much needed update to their old family photos. Aside from the usual teasing brothers do to each other, they got along so great and instantly started goofing around whenever they had to get in close together. We had a beautiful day and with such a good looking family, it wasn’t very hard to take their photos :) (more…)

The Rice Family, a day in Waterton

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

I always love working with this family! The entire family came together – all four brothers, their families, the parents, and even an uncle – over the long weekend in Waterton Lakes National Park, and I met up with them on Sunday to get photos of everyone together. The little boys are a lot taller since I last saw them, but sadly not as smiley this time since Hayden was recovering from a fever, and after pulling on Carson’s eyelid as soon as we started, they didn’t enjoy being near each other very much!

Waterton was kind of crazy (I guess I’ve never been there on a long weekend before) so we were limited with locations and couldn’t drive anywhere else, but we found a few awesome spots behind their cabin.

It’s been so fun to watch this family grow, and now with a new baby on the way and an engagement (that happened right before I showed up!) it’s getting even bigger! And now onto even more blue eyes than before… (more…)

Michele, Gilles, and the Boys – Lethbridge Family Photos

Monday, July 4th, 2011

Last week I met up with Michele, Gilles, Andrew, and Matt, along with their dog Krystal, for some long overdue family photos! Michele said it’s been many years since they last had them done, and the boys are definitely at that stage where they are growing up fast (and will be moving out on their own soon), so it was a great time to capture who they are right now. They were all super easy to work with, and the only challenge came in getting Krystal’s attention; she’s deaf, so it took a lot of arm waving to get her to look the right way! (more…)

Baby Nate, a Crowsnest Pass portrait session

Monday, June 20th, 2011

A few weeks ago I headed to the Crowsnest Pass to welcome Mark and Sarah’s first baby, Nate, into the world with a family photo session getting everyone involved. Unfortunately it was raining that whole weekend so we weren’t able to make use of the gorgeous scenery around Sarah’s parents’ ranch, but they had a wonderful house in which we were able to stay warm. Nate is a super cute, easy going baby and it was fun to see his grandparents totally beaming over him. I hadn’t seen Mark and Sarah in quite a while so it was great to have some time to catch up. They are going to make awesome parents, and Nate is lucky to have such sweet grandparents! (more…)

Kayli’s graduation, Bow Island

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

Kayli graduated high school in Bow Island this weekend and I joined her for a few hours to take photos of her in her dress with her family and her boyfriend Taylor. And what a dress! I might be biased because my favorite color is purple, but it was pretty awesome :)

It was so fun to do photos in a brand new place and I always love doing photos in small towns because you can find some great old buildings with lots of character. Almost all of the photos were taken right downtown! Kayli also found a great old farm house for us to use, and I’m thrilled she was so dedicated to the art… we had to carefully step over a LOT of cow poop to do photos in there! She was so fun and laid back, making my ideas super easy to pull off. Aside from the mosquitoes (and Taylor and Kayli having to constantly slap them off each other), we had a beautiful day and the rain held back just long enough. (more…)