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Trevor and the family – Lethbridge fall photos

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Trevor, Jenn, Carter, and Spencer met me in the river bottom this past weekend for family photos with the very last of the autumn leaves. I did Spencer’s photos when he was brand new, years before I even worked with Trevor, and it was great to finally get to take their pictures again!

However, we started out with a problem; Spencer tripped before the first photo, got a little scrape on his hand, and was then extremely unhappy! We distracted him a bit in the beginning with a bandaid, but soon he realized what happened and there were no happy faces to be had. Trevor and Jenn seemed pretty convinced all hope was lost, but I worked my magic and I worked quick when he did smile, and you’d never know how huge of a fuss was going on behind the scenes! :) (more…)

Roy’s Graduation – The University of Lethbridge

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Roy received his Masters from the University of Lethbridge this weekend, and I met up with him and his lovely family just after the convocation to capture some photos to celebrate this huge accomplishment! His wife and girls were so sweet, and you could instantly tell how supportive they have been of him finishing his degree. Roy has definitely chosen the right career path for him and I wish him and his family all the best :)

p.s. Though intrigued by my zombie photos, Roy was not brave enough to do a zombie convocation session. Darn! (more…)

Kian and Lindsey – Lethbridge Fall Family Photos

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Little Kian has gotten a bit taller since the last time I saw him! Lindsey brought him out for some mom and son fall photos this weekend and we took him to play in the leaves – though we mostly had to trick him into photos, because he wasn’t too pleased with us! I had to chase him a bit to get those smiling photos, but we got him happy just enough times :) (more…)

Eva, Alisa and Chris – Lethbridge Fall Family Photos

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I haven’t seen Eva since last year at Chris and Alisa’s wedding, and my has she grown! I had a great time with the family down in Pavan Park just before sunset and loved being able to photograph them again.

We started out the session with a four generation photo of Eva, Alisa, grandma, and great grandma; it was such a great idea to get all the girls together!

Eva was happiest when she was in charge of the car keys, so they ended up being a prop in most photos :) (more…)

The Pollock Family – Lethbridge Family Photos

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Last week, Cassandra rounded up her parents and sister for a long overdue family photography session (they hadn’t had one since the girls were quite young). It was an excellent time of year as I love red hair against autumn colors, though I must admit it was strange to photograph Cassandra in such normal circumstances; no zombie makeup, outrageous outfits, or hanging from strange structures, just natural photos for once!

I’ve been around the Pollock family on numerous occassions, but it wasn’t until our photo session that I truly realized just how silly they all are. If you are looking for “traditional” family photos, you came to the wrong place… (more…)

Kennedy, Cara and Kurt – Lethbridge Family Fall Photos

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Cara and Kurt are back… with two new additions to the family! We took Kennedy and the doggies out to Nicholas Sheran Lake this weekend for some playtime in the leaves. She was yet another smiley baby to add to the week and she loved the leaves so much that she stopped caring about us after we put her in them. I had such a great time working with the family again! (more…)