Your Portrait Photo Experience

Your session will feel totally casual as we move through relaxed poses and staged candids. I provide all of the direction so you won't feel any stress of wondering what you need to do next, and your session will flow so smoothly you'll be surprised when it's over!

All portrait sessions take place at a unique location or in your own home to best reflect what you are about. In the end you'll have joyful, timeless images that will always remind you how awesome you and your family are!

Family making silly faces in Crowsnest Pass at Frank Slide

Your personalized portrait session is completed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Contact me to discuss the details of your photos and schedule both your portrait session and ordering session.
  2. Have your super fun portrait session.
  3. View your photos and pick out your favorites from your online gallery.
  4. Receive your awesome photos when they are ready!

Do we need to be photogenic to look good in the photos?

So many people I work with claim they are not photogenic, yet put anyone in front of my camera and they do just fine! I pose and direct you in ways that flatter you, hide features you don't want to show, and move quickly so you barely even notice the photo session happened!

Crowsnest Pass engagement photo in sun

How can we make sure our kids and/or pets behave at the session?

First of all, I don't expect little kids or animals to behave themselves and do exactly what we want! I work quickly and chase them if needed. When they really won't sit in poses, then it's time to get more candid photos. The important thing is for you not to get frustrated at them during the session because then all of you will look stressed! Just be firm and in charge, but give them time to play if they need it. Don't worry at all... you will still get beautiful photos (plus some funny ones)! And just keep in mind: treat bribery works great on pets, but not so great on most children!

Kids being silly with their father in their Lethbridge family portrait

What do we need to bring to our session?

Only yourselves! I like to keep props to a minimum, but feel free to bring along anything special you want to include. Depending on locations and group size, I may bring along chairs and blankets for posing, so there's no need to worry about that!

Do feel free to bring any emergency supplies you may need such as bandages, bug spray, sun screen, hair brushes, makeup, etc.

Couples photo holding bald eagle Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

Can we wear multiple outfits?

Of course! Most portrait sessions give us enough time to do up to two outfits, but due to location you might have trouble finding a place to change. We can discuss this well before your session so you can pick out your best clothes for the photos!

Lethbridge autumn family photo with triplets

When should we do our photos?

Time of year: This is totally up to you! Spring offers bright, fresh colors, but with the chance of rain. Summer is great for golden sunsets and deep, rich colors, as long as you're okay with your session taking place quite late or early in the day. Autumn offers gorgeous warm tones, you just might have to wear a few extra layers! Late autumn (November / early December) gives subdued neutral tones just before the snow hits. Winter here is totally unpredictable, so you might get beautiful snowfall, the neutral tones from the fall, or have to take it inside because it's -40C out!

Time of day: During the warmer months, it's best to start your session approximately 90 minutes before sunset to catch the prettiest light. In the winter, the late afternoon is best, and the time of day isn't a huge factor for indoor sessions.

Milestones: Certain milestones in your life are a great time to celebrate with photos! Births, birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations, just to name a few, bring your family together and offer a momentous occasion to capture. However, please don't fall back on excuse milestones! These are things like, "when I lose ten more pounds," or, "when we finally invest in a better wardrobe." These excuses overshadow what is really important: this moment, right now, with the people you love. And those things you are worried about? I can help you hide those with posing anyhow!

Portraits throughout various seasons in Lethbridge

Can I bring my pets?

Absolutely! I love photographing your fur babies and think they are a very important part of your family photos. If you are specifically looking for pet photography please visit my other site, Puppy Love Pet Photography, for special packages tailored just to your critters!

Maternity photo in Lethbridge with dog

Can grandma / grandpa / aunty / etc. come along?

Of course! You are welcome to include anyone you want in your session. Just let me know beforehand so I can prepare the best locations and poses for your sized group. If you want to bring someone along to help with little kids or pets but who won't be in any photos, I do limit your helpers to only one per session and ask they don't interact while I'm posing and photographing you, just to reduce the number of distractions and make sure you are looking at the camera when I need you to.

Portrait of young girl with grandparents

Are you able to travel?

I love to travel! I have photographed people in Lethbridge, the Crowsnest Pass, Waterton Lakes Park, Lake Louise, Canmore, Fernie, Calgary, Edmonton, Pincher Creek, Fort Macleod, Cardston, Medicine Hat, and even Las Vegas.

Waterton engagement photo in winter with couple jumping at cliff overlooking town

(Please explore pricing for travel fees.)

Do we need to meet with you before our session?

Only if you want to! I am able to collect all of your information over email or phone and help you plan your session that way. Your contract and session fee can also be completed online. If you like doing this face to face, we can meet for coffee instead and work out all the details in one sitting!

Lethbridge family portrait by lilacs in spring

How do we order our photos after the session?

Approximately 1-2 weeks after your photos are taken, your photos will be made available for viewing in an online gallery that will remain online for 4 weeks. You can purchase gallery extensions after this time.

All orders can be placed through your gallery but I am happy to assist or to meet with you in person to make this process easier, as well as make suggestions of which products will work best both with the number of photos you've selected and to fit within your home.

Starting sometime this year I will be offering in-person ordering sessions, which are great for removing the stress of trying to coordinate everyone to sit down and remember to order photos before your credit expires! Stay tuned for that announcement.

Newborn photography of baby on owl blanket

What happens if we can't place our order in person?

All orders can be placed directly through your online gallery. If you do not live in Lethbridge, be sure to select the option to have your order shipped to you.

Crowsnest Pass family photo of mother and daughter holding hands

Time to see the photos!

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