Waterton Wedding Photography

Waterton Wedding Photography

Planning Your Waterton Wedding Photography

Waterton is one of my absolute favorite places to do wedding photos. With so many great locations available in the park, it can be hard to decide where you should have your ceremony, reception, and especially where to go for your Waterton wedding photography. My hope with this page is to make the process a little easier by featuring some of my favorite weddings from Waterton. Every couple was so unique in their choices and I loved working with them to find the best locations possible to capture the feel of their weddings.

Intimate and Casual Waterton Weddings

Waterton has great little nooks in the trees, quiet beaches that look onto the mountains, and cliffs with sprawling views, perfect for bringing along the most important people in your life (or just eloping!).

Casual Waterton Wedding

Michael & Chantelle's Casual Waterton Wedding

By having a small ceremony next to Linnett Lake, Michael and Chantelle were able to include their dog in their wedding day. They are both the outdoors-type so we kept a casual, hiking feel to their photos and had lots of time to explore the park.

Waterton Community Center Wedding

Garrett & Heather's Waterton Community Center Wedding

Garrett and Heather made use of the mountain vistas within the Waterton town site by having their outdoor ceremony in the Waterton Community Center yard and reception to follow in the building's beautifully renovated gymnasium. Their small wedding party made it easy to navigate the park on this crowded summer day.

Intimate Waterton Mountain Wedding

Danny & Stacey's Intimate Waterton Mountain Wedding

Danny and Stacey came all the way from Manitoba for their destination mountain wedding and made a smart decision to have the wedding on a weekday. The beach where they held their ceremony was free from tourists and we had so much flexibility for photos within the town!

Scenic Wateron Wedding

Sean & Alison's Scenic Waterton Wedding

Sean and Alison still wanted a religious ceremony, but chose to have it outside behind the Prince of Wales Hotel with only their immediate family present. Waterton is close enough to Lethbridge that we were able to zip around the town site for photos and get them back in time for their full reception for the rest of their family and friends back in the city.

Fun Waterton Wedding

Amy & Andrew's Fun Waterton Wedding

This wedding was the ultimate in intimacy - the ceremony was held in a remote field that required some hiking, and only parents, grandparents, and their dog came along! Amy and Andrew were all about keeping things fun and casual and incorporating their favorite hobbies, including canoeing with their dog.

Classic Waterton Weddings

With gorgeous old churches and sprawling hotel properties, Waterton is also a great place to plan for a large, classic wedding with your whole family.

Waterton Destination Wedding

Erin & Renzo's Waterton Destination Wedding

Erin & Renzo planned their destination Waterton wedding all the way from California to offer their friends and family a chance to take an amazing vacation! Guests traveled from as far away as South America to attend, and Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church and the Bayshore Inn were able to accommodate the guests at this beautiful, classic wedding.

Waterton Mountain Getaway Wedding

Michael & Ashley's Waterton Mountain Getaway Wedding

Michael & Ashley wanted to escape to the mountains and chose Waterton's Bayshore Inn as both their ceremony and reception site. The yard behind the hotel has a beautiful view of the lake and everything was within a short driving distance for all of our photos. Luckily it didn't rain until just after their outdoor ceremony!   

Waterton Indian Wedding

Shreyo & Lorianne's Waterton Indian Wedding

Shreyo and Lorianne celebrated the joining of their families by having both a traditional Indian ceremony in the Bayshore Inn yard followed by a Western ceremony, which, due to rain, ended up taking place in the saloon! They did a beautiful job combining the cultural elements with their geeky passions.

Seasonal Waterton Weddings

The off-season in Waterton is a great time to hold your wedding. While most of the town closes for the winter, a few hotels and businesses and stay open. This is a huge advantage when you're planning your Waterton wedding photography because you don't have to account for many tourists getting in the way of your photos!

Intimate Waterton Wedding

Reid & Lauren's Intimate Waterton Wedding

Autumn in Waterton has amazing views of the golden colors against the snowy mountains. Reid and Lauren held their intimate wedding just after the park closed, making it all that much more intimate! They were still able to keep their guests warm by having their ceremony at the Waterton United Church.  

Autumn Waterton Lakes Wedding

Kevin & Ashley's Autumn Waterton Lakes Wedding

Kevin and Ashley got married at the Waterton Lakes Lodge in the early autumn while portions of the park were still open for the season, getting the best of both worlds! We had access to the gorgeous autumn colors and glimpses of snowy peaks at Cameron Lake, without any of the crowds.

Waterton Winter Wedding

Chance & Tawnia's Waterton Winter Wedding

You need to be a little more brave to have your wedding in the winter! Chance and Tawnia had their ceremony indoors at the Waterton Lakes Resort, which stays open throughout the winter, and even had a backup plan to hold it outside on the stairway if the weather had cleared up. It was pretty cold for their photos but it was so worth it for the dreamy snow swept backgrounds.

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