Disneyland keeps some really great talent on staff, and though it’s not as good as the old days I still love listening to the piano players on Main Street whenever I have a chance!

Michael is a little cheesy. He sings the most, and tries to get people involved even when they don’t want to be noticed. He’s always smiling, which is much more than I can say for most of the people who work there these days!

Sharon comes to watch him every day she can. She has been coming to Disneyland since it first opened, and had started the Rod Miller fan club years ago. Rod has long since retired, and Sharon has picked Michael as her new favorite.

Eric is the only one with no following, and I don’t think he’s ever had one. He’s been working there for as long as I remember, and I never really enjoyed him before, but this time we stuck around a bit and I changed my mind.

Robert has picked up the bulk of Alan’s old fans, though their styles are very different, and I am not about to discuss all the drama involved there, which there is a lot of (unfortunately I can’t help but be involved! alas!). Robert is very showy and versatile when he plays, but he doesn’t play very much ragtime anymore, which defeats the idea of it being the ragtime piano.

Robert has bling

Jonny is getting ridiculously better each year I go, which is cool to see because I happened to hear him on his first night he ever worked there! Right now I feel he is the only one there who channels that energy that Rod or Alan used to play with.

Stan, a “famous regular” at the park, still plays a few four hand piano songs with Jonny, which is always a treat to see. (Stan also puts tons of these on YouTube, so go here and follow the username.)

Another thing I learnt is that he wrote the music for MySpace: The Musical. Geez, I have to step it up with what I’m accomplishing with my life!

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