Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz

One of my favorite bands to see live, Big John Bates and the Voodoo Dollz, were back in town this Thursday to rock our socks off. I can never understand why so many guys there would rather mosh (ie, slam their bodies into other men) when there are women burlesque dancing right in front of them they could be watching instead. What's the deal with that??

I also got some props after :)
From their blog:

Our Lethbridge show last night was a hoot, so they’re keeping the bar pretty consistent for us. We had a rockabilly-feeling band open the show with a fun swinging set, I saw the tallest man in town, Johnny Smalls (that’s his really-real name… no lie) and didn’t see if the talented photographer Tanya was there. Hopefully she was, and I just missed saying hello to her and her camera.”

It's always fun when people you know are the “victims.”
Travis had to “take his medicine”:

Even better, the newbie they picked happened to be Ryan!

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  1. Joe Boyer says:

    Speaking as a soundman and a lover of only the best music and stage shows, I Love this band.

  2. Look Here says:

    This was a great blog post, thanks for the information!