Suburban Legends!

When I picked up Disney’s weekend schedule my first weekend there, I literally shrieked when I read who would be playing in Tomorrowland, because after all these years I am still a huge fan girl, no matter how much I tried to deny it…

I first saw Suburban Legends in 2002, and again in 2003, so it’s been a loooong five years for me (they never tour in Canada). As soon as I saw them they became one of my favorite bands. Since then the lineup has gone through HUGE changes. First trombone player Dallas was killed in a hit and run, then old band members flocked out. Vince returned as their singer (he was formerly one of their trumpet players), and when I checked them out on MySpace I was disappointed; the ska was gone, and now they were silly funk. I understood ska is just not a big thing right now, but oh it broke my heart. I wasn’t happy with the new music I was hearing on MySpace.

After seeing them live, I have totally changed my mind, and they are still one of my favorite bands. They are the most energetic, entertaining live band I have ever seen. Their music has gotten so much tighter since I last saw them, and every new band member is a huge asset (there are only 4/8 of the members from when I saw them). And they still have dance choreography! They get the crowd involved through the entire thing (singing and dancing competitions) and when the crowd’s energy starts to wane at the end of the night, they work their butts off to bring it back up (which most bands don’t bother with).

I couldn’t pull myself away from their engaging show and went all three nights to all five sets, phew! (Even enduring a lady who thinks Canada is communist?! -She thinks we are a terrifying socialist country, but by socialist really meant communist, and no we aren’t even socialist, haha!)

They played nearly every song they have ever written. This meant they still do all the ska songs! I was wondering what it would be like with Tim no longer on vocals, but Vince totally nailed it and then some. Sadly there were only several of us there skanking, but my heart was content.

I want mooooooore. They are touring with the Aquabats (!!!) but not here. We DO like ska here, guys :(

Check them out on MySpace:

Klemm: “That was the best way end a song ever… a karate kick to the audience!”

The most unnecessary, or most AWESOME, band member ever?? Dallas plays keytar and cowbell!

Mikey is a wicked good bass player, and he’s so cute and little!, so I stuck around that side of the stage more :P
However he apparently works at an Apple store, but I can forgive that.

I like Brian because even though he’s in a cool band he’s still a total band nerd.
He was one of my favorites back in the day, so I was sad not to get a photo with him.

I could not stop laughing when he’d do this… with the pelvic thrusts.

I cannot begin to describe how epic this is.

They changed their wardrobe between every set, in case you haven’t noticed.
I wish everyone would dress so nicely like this all of the time!

There are a few more at my website.

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