Catherine and Tyler

I want to make a large post with my favorite Litwin shots of the year, but I couldn’t wait to do the one I shot today. It was my first time taking bridals at night (and Jan actually did it for the first time last night!), and it was so much fun! We only had 20 minutes of sunlight after their ceremony, which we worked quickly for, and the rest was done in the studio and outdoors. Thankfully it didn’t rain or snow, and we managed to avoid the wind. And what a gorgeous couple!

At one reception I couldn’t attend this year, Jan and Hope made sure to take a lot of “odd” photos to surprise me when I did the proofing. Jan and I decided Hope should have the same luxury when she proofs out this wedding! Here is a small collection, though the really strange ones are going to be a surprise to her yet :P

It's Paul!

some dwarfism?

love love love this window in the church!!

getting a little goth

the color of nightmares after too much candy? so surreal!

epic – we should have been taking photos of each other way earlier!

alien abduction (don’t worry, I didn’t light the couple like this)

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