Dawn & Gregg’s Wedding

I’ve known Dawn and Gregg for several years now, so it was such an honor to be asked to photograph their wedding. Gregg had wanted a big traditional wedding while Dawn had wanted to elope, so they compromised with a quaint winter wedding instead! I had a great day with them and couldn’t have asked for a better shoot :)

Dawn wore awesome red shoes… I love love love when brides go away from white details :)

Gregg wore a chocolate-colored pinstripe suit… awesome!

When we turned around, some of the guys were doing the same pose!

Jazz hands!

Gregg was taller than everyone in the photos :P

After photos, they went for dinner with their family and had a couple hours to relax before the ceremony/reception. It’s always great when couples do their photos first, because they always seem so much more laid back! It’s also great for the guests who don’t have to find something to do in the few hours photos normally occur in the middle.

For their reception and ceremony they had the Lethbridge Big Band play, which was such a great touch, and I always love hearing the band.

Dawn is usually a very calm person, so I was thrilled by her reaction to the announcement of “Mr. and Mrs. Samuel-Leite.”

Immediately after the ceremony, the guests stood up to watch the first dance, which was conveniently right where the ceremony had been.

They had a cute cake and delicious cupcakes from Crazy Cakes. I tragically dropped the icing part of my second cupcake on the floor. And it was coconut! :(

One of the members of the Big Band was a little eager for cake.

They weren’t into the whole feeding each other cake thing, so they kind of faked it :)

Congrats, Dawn and Gregg!

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3 Responses to “Dawn & Gregg’s Wedding”

  1. Mike Palmer says:

    Bravo – They were lucky to get you!!

  2. Tanya Crump says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!

  3. Michael Warf says:

    Photos look great, Turcotte Hall has been a common location for all of us lately!