Vegas… the first time!

WPPI 2009 is so very soon. I can’t believe I am going to Vegas in one week already. Time really flies, and I don’t feel ready at all!

Because I’m getting really buzzed about the Convention and Tradeshow, I thought I’d re-post the blog I made about WPPI 2008 (for some reason I only put it on the Litwin Photography blog and not my own).

In March Sarah and I flew down to Vegas for our first ever WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) Convention and Tradeshow, leaving the Litwins back in Lethbridge to look after Jaxen.

We arrived a few days early and had the weekend to play around, but I was eagerly awaiting the tradeshow so I could pick up my new 40D (among other goodies).

At the opening reception we got a feel of how big the convention really was – over 20,000 photographers were in attendance!

Jesh de Rox in the bottom left corner… I suspected it was him but hadn’t actually seen him before, so I played shy :P

The Young Guns Show was one of my favorite parts of the convention, featuring some awesome photographers all under 30. I was excited that Mike Larson came ready to do a demo. Last summer we saw this video of Mike’s infamous camera toss, and I was pretty stoked to see it in real life!
(Here’s a link to the video of him in action)

You can see how daring (or terrifying!) it is even from where we were sitting in the back. (That object at the top of the photo is the camera, if you couldn’t tell.)

The Tradeshow took up a ton of time, and I STILL could have spent an extra day there!

(photo by Sarah)

Here is Sarah standing on the new Olympus camera. I tried to talk her into Canon, but to no avail.

At the tradeshow, I ran into familiar faces: Mark from de Jourdan’s with his wife Kristina! I never had time to arrange a meetup with them before leaving, so it was quite miraculous to run into them among the thousands of photographers who were there.

Sarah and I both saw some amazing speakers, but my favorite times were when we went out to the strip to try my new camera. We quickly learnt that when you have a camera and a model in Vegas at night, you get a lot of people who think they should be in your photos! Sarah was usually the model, but I took a few turns in front of the camera and even Sarah couldn’t help but admit Canon was great.

We barely slept while we were there but we had a great time, and I’m excited to go back again next year!
Here are a few more pictures that weren’t in the original entry after the cut…

Oh Vegas, you and your mixed messages.

(Sarah’s photo)

Since we were there for St. Patty’s, we got to see Flogging Molly for free! This was the closest shot I could get in the packed bar, but before the show they signed posters, so at least I got to meet them.

(photo by Sarah)

Alright, I mentioned how everyone wanted to be in our photos, and here is the first guy…

And moments later, the next batch comes in…

We were convinced they are in a boy band… look at that posing! I didn’t have to tell them to do that at all!

Sarah was never happy I took this photo of her and her makeshift tripod, but here I am posting it again.

And just because…

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  1. […] was also really disappointed that no one else tried to jump into our photos like when Sarah and I did our shoot! I guess this time, we shot too early in the evening for passerbys to be […]

  2. Mmm…

    Vegas Baby!

  3. devon says:

    oh vegas..lucky loving your pic with Jesh de Rox in it…and the fact that you were being

    a few months ago I was sitting across from him at dinner in Edmonton…I dont think I spoke any words, I just did A LOT of nodding and smiling…talk about SHY! lol

    your images are fantastic, and really so glad i finally stopped in to have a look, ive been meaning to for a while are quite talented :)