Vegas (Part II) – Erin and Krista

I really wanted to do a photo shoot when I went to Las Vegas, so I was thrilled to find out Erin would be there while I was, along with one of her sisters, Krista, and her mom, Verna. I photographed Erin’s wedding to Jonathan last summer with Litwin Photography, and will be shooting her sister Bethany’s wedding this upcoming summer (my last Litwin booking), so I’ve come to know the family quite well!

Verna didn’t want to be in the photos, but Krista was easy to talk into doing a few with her sister. In my limited location scouting time, I picked out the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace as our location, and was really glad I did! In under an hour we shot outside AND on all three levels of that part of the mall, so we got tons of awesome shots.

Ideally, I would have kicked all the other people out of the area and gotten some cool photos on the spiral escalators, but well… maybe one day when I’m famous and have that sort of pull ;)

I was also really disappointed that no one else tried to jump into our photos like when Sarah and I did our shoot! I guess this time, we shot too early in the evening for passerbys to be drunk!

Thanks, girls, for being my models!

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4 Responses to “Vegas (Part II) – Erin and Krista”

  1. Mike Palmer says:

    Nice Series – FUN!! I really like the 8th and 13th shots.

  2. Jason says:

    Hey! No Fair! I wanna go to Vegas and have pretty ladies model for me while I take fantastic pictures of them! Very nice stuff here Tanya! You can tell when someone just “has it” and you most definitely have it.

  3. […] the weather this week??) and did a fun fashiony photo session. You see, this was only fair after her sisters Erin and Krista got the supermodel treatment in Las Vegas, but Bethany hadn’t been on that trip, so we had to settle for the slightly less glamorous […]

  4. S. Plonka says:

    Best wishes from Germany! Not many of us, but Plonka rock the spot…. ;-)