Amber & Ian

Last Saturday I had the honor of photographing Amber and Ian’s wedding (with Michael Warf as my second shooter) and we had a blast with this fun couple! They are so cute and I love their goofy senses of humor, which I haven’t been able to get enough of since I met them last year. I was sad to only have a limited amount of time to shoot them, but we worked quickly and did tons in that time. Amber was a natural in front of the camera, but I think Ian did just as awesome as her (and he had doubts, sheesh!).

I hope you guys are having a blast in Thailand!

Ian, as many grooms do, messed up on part of the vows and needed the priest to repeat them. I later found out it was because Amber told him to quit looking at her cleavage!

Of all the weddings I shot, I think this was my first time in St. Pat’s, and it was gorgeous!

At their photo planning session two weeks before, I told them to be a little lively coming down the aisle, and joked that they could even skip if they wanted. I didn’t think they actually would, since Ian looked kind of scared when I suggested that! You guys are awesome! :)

It’s still pretty brown outside, but I managed to find a TINY bit of green for their photos.

Umbrellas in Lethbridge don’t work very well, but it sets the scene for our windy city.

The classic Blue Steel pose

Maybe it’s mean of me to take a photo of something they don’t think I’m taking a photo of, but they were so cute posing for the last shot!

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