Twilight Hotel

Last night Lethbridge was graced by one of my favorite bands, Twilight Hotel who hail from Winnipeg. They put on a stunning show at Slice Bar and Grill, and as usual I was completely captivated by them through the entire performance. If you haven’t already heard this Juno nominated band, please check them out; you won’t be disappointed!

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  1. We are hosting Twilight hotel March 27th in Fremont Calif. USA

  2. We are hosting Twilight HOTEL March 27th her in Fremont Calif. USA. I was wondering if I could use these shots for a poster i put up in the venue … The ones with your name on them would be excellent. I try and do a few in the 11×14 range, as well as smaller ones…. yes i actually print them and paste them on a poster board.
    I haven’t said it yet but I like your work. wayne/sue

  3. wayne/sue says:

    Tanya: Good stuff Thanks for the deal to use these photos for Twilight Hotel’s show here in Calif/USA….
    Musicians need to understand the need to visually draw people to their shows. Many of the acts we have booked send flyers that give no hint that they are musicians!! let alone what their music style may be. wayne/sue Brask Concerts