Ashley & Eric

Last Saturday the rain came pouring down, but Ashley and Eric were good sports and braved it with me for their wedding photos! This adorable young couple stayed positive through the whole day – being in love does that to you! – even though we were all soaked and chilly. Besides, rain is supposed to be good luck, and it made everything so green!

Their ceremony at E-Free was extra special because Eric’s dad performed the service! I was impressed he made it through without tears… he is a strong man :)

I also have to give kudos to their terrific wedding party who froze their butts off while we were taking photos! Eric’s brother was definitely the youngest groomsman I’ve ever photographed, and Ashley’s brother Chad and his fiancee Julie were also included, which is awesome because I’ll be seeing them again in August for their own wedding.

Ashley & Eric and their friends were so easy to work with, and in case I didn’t mention it before, cute cute cute! I’m so excited to work with the family again :D

I’m glad I suggested umbrellas to them before the day… we definitely needed them!

I love the alternating colors Ashley chose for her maid of honor

While I was photographing the bridal party, Michael set up a light inside of one of the umbrellas… it was an awesome lightsource!

To warm everyone up, we went to Henotic (my favorite place!) for a few photos.

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