Jen and Mark’s wedding

Last weekend I visited the Crowsnest Pass for a very special wedding. Jen and Mark, high school sweethearts, finally tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in our hometown. I am so proud of Jen and Mark for getting to this point in their lives… Not many high school romances make it this far, and it makes me so happy to see theirs come all this way! I have known everyone in the bridal party since I was in grade 9 (and Maid of Honor, Tricia, since grade 6!) so it was so amazing to spend this important day with them all.

I hadn’t seen a few members of the bridal party since high school, so it was a bit of a shock to see how much everyone had changed! Okay, it hasn’t been that long since high school, but everyone is all grown up now! Except me, I never want to grow up ;) I can also confidently say Tricia doesn’t want to grow up either… so I guess we aren’t all that grown up after all. Furthermore, the reception was like a high school dance; Jen and Tricia were my usual dance escorts back in the day, and it was awesome to experience the old days again. (Remember the Venga Boys? I had entirely blocked that part of my life out until the reception… hehe)

I’ve gotten a little desensitized to wedding emotions after shooting so many, but I still get really emotional when it’s for friends. This was such an amazing day to be a part of, and for that I am very grateful. Jen and Mark, thank you for having me there and trusting me to do your photos :)

They had a small ceremony at the Learning Center. I loved the lights :)

Kengo sneaks in…

Jen’s family own this gorgeous antique truck. We drove in a 50km/h procession to our photo location on Frank Road. Only a few people behind us were angry ;)

The truck’s battery kept dying, so the guys needed to give it a bit of a push…

Since Morgan is so much taller than the other guys, one of the girls suggested he block the sun glare on Mark’s shaven head… and it kind of worked!

Getting sweet…

…and even sweeter. Kengo is not afraid to show his man love!

I grew up a couple minutes from this spot and never knew it existed until we went here for photos. I was never what you would call “adventurous,” haha.

That’s not a wall they are standing by… it’s a big chunk of the mountain! (Read up on the Frank Slide if you don’t know anything about it.)

Jen’s sister Nichole is an up and coming jewelry designer and made the wedding bands (as well as the necklaces all the girls wore that day).

Jen and Mark seemed to be getting annoyed by all the clinking glasses getting them to kiss, so Tricia and Erika gave them a break for one round ;)

In Jen and Mark’s speech, they made a comment about the bridal party being there to do awkward things. Tricia, agreeing with this, went to Kengo for a high five… and he left her hanging for an awfully long time. The timing couldn’t have been better!

This is the hood ornament on the old truck

This is funny if you know Tricia’s last name…

Tricia is definitely one of my most “theatrical” friends :)

The girls get ready for attack

Why does Tricia look so excited even though there’s no bouquet in her hand?

…it’s because she didn’t catch it! :D

Though the building was extremely hot and we all went outside a lot to cool off, it did look pretty inviting through the window…

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