The Brains & Friends

Okay, this will be the last old one for a while! Last month the Brains came back to Lethbridge all the way from Montreal and played a gorgeous night at Henotic. The restaurant opened up the large doors, letting the outside atmosphere in… and provided a wonderful cloudy background for the band.

Calgary’s Rigormorticians opened the show. Like the Brains, they put on makeup before they hit the stage…

If you know me, you know how much I want this dress.

Really, what better background and lighting could a mad scientist possibly have? (Not to mention the mysterious floating light!)

Up next: The Phantom Creeps from Lethbridge

And the main attraction, the Brains! Their makeup was delightfully creepy in the lights there… so much that I was a little creeped out! (They are really nice guys, I promise!)

Drummer photos are terribly hard to get since the drummer is usually behind everyone, but I was able to find a tiny little corner at this show to squeeze myself into. This was difficult because I had no room to move my feet, and Francois makes scary faces when he drums! … so please bear with all the drummer photos!

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