Andrew & Julie

It was such an honor to get to photograph Andrew and Julie’s wedding. I’ve known both of them since before they even dated, was let in on the proposal so I could video tape it, and now was able to be an important part of their special day. They are two very amazing people and compliment each other so well, and I had so much fun spending the day with them! Their families are generous and crazy like they are and I felt so welcome even though it was my first time meeting most members of the bridal party. Best part, Dino was the MC for the reception!

We have all missed Andrew while he teaches in Japan, and are sad to lose Julie to Japan now too, but I am so happy they can finally be together again! (I’ll have to put Japan on my ‘places to visit’ list.)

Julie’s gift from Andrew (which came from Japan)

Andrew’s gift from Julie (a knife with his family crest)

This was my first kilted wedding. So exciting!

Kids in kilts is even better

Andrew’s nephews (and neice) were the ring bearers. All the men in the bridal party were given a knife as a gift.

I’ve often heard Andrew talk (and rave) about these kids, but I was still surprised at how much adoration he expressed to them in person. (Wait till he has his own!)

Two of the Scott boys. An accurate portrait.

We started our photos at the university, where Andrew and Julie (and myself) went to school together.

Julie is one of the most expressive people I know :)

This was our favorite location because the shade was really appreciated that day :)

It’s not a Scottish wedding without a Caber Toss!

Time to rethink the gift for the guys?

Andrew channels the tiger better than the other guys combined

Our next stop was at the Backstreet Pub, the place where Andrew and Julie first met, and a regular hangout for all the music majors. Plus we got to escape the heat, and eat nachos :)

One table bought the wedding party shots, and we used some of their belongings as props…

Nacho buddies!

Their ride for the day was a Mercedes Benz

At 1am the night before their wedding, the best way to photograph the rings hit me – and not knowing what instruments would be at the wedding, it’s a good thing I had a guitar I could bring! Andrew plays guitar, in case you are out of the loop ;)

Julie was a percussion major and a notable member of the U of L Steel Band, so her and Andrew joined them for a bit of a reception concert.

One of my favorite garter catching reactions to date. Plus, he’s the boyfriend of the girl who caught the bouquet :)

Here’s the proposal video (with lots of loud bar people in it):

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  1. From Mom says:

    Gee, I feel emotional.


  2. Judy & Bob says:

    Love all of the pictures, good luck and have fun in Japan