Zombie Pinups: Starsha

It’s been a while, but here is my first zombie pinup of the year! Between the great locations, Starsha’s excellent modeling, and not having done one in a while, it was really hard to narrow these photos down!

Starsha has several pet cockroaches, and we made use of them for the last portion of the shoot. They are actually pretty laid back creepy crawlies, but when we would put them on her they would make a run for it. We ended up having to only use one so they didn’t get lost in the field (because that would just suck for EVERYONE), and I multiplied it afterward. If you are absolutely terrified of cockroaches, it is the last photo, so you are safe to scroll through the 16 that come before it.

When I first arranged this shoot with Starsha, Hope Litwin had recently done a little personal assignment, Project: Norma Jean, recreating Marilyn Monroe’s ballerina photo. I found out Starsha had an orange tu-tu, so Project: Zomba Jean was born…

This is the photo Hope was working with.

And Zomba Jean:

Not wanting to stop there, I found another Monroe photo I wanted to work with…

And this one really needs no introduction.

The constant wind in Lethbridge made this recreation easy!

The grace of a zombie

This was such an amazing location that I was a little sad Starsha was covered in so much makeup and we couldn’t do a “normal” shoot at the same time!

Okay, I warned you! …….

If you’ve wondered how the photos start out, I’ve made a before and after. The first is straight out of the camera (terribly underexposed!) and the later is the result of Lightroom almost exlusively.

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2 Responses to “Zombie Pinups: Starsha”

  1. ANA says:

    MUY buenas fotografias.. en mi opinion, creo que se pasan un poco con el photoshop… pero queda bien, siempre y cuando sea para cambiar el formato de la luz y el color, y no sea para borrar imperfecciones,….
    muy buen trabajo la verdad :D
    ademas, ahy recopilaciones de imagenes de marilyn monroe.. y vale la pena recordarla :)
    sin mas que decir me despido… ^^

  2. adam says:

    beautiful zombie…