Chelsey & Eric

This last very beautiful Saturday I got to shoot the wedding of Eric and Chelsey (Julie’s bridesmaid) and had such a great time…. I anticipated it would be so much fun, and I was not let down at all! These two are young, totally in love, and (my personal favorite) a little bit silly, which all amounted to such great moments for me to capture! We worked super fast to fit in all the wonderful ideas we had, and ran totally on time all day – they even had time for a few spins on the ferris wheel!

We did all the photos before the ceremony, so I had Chelsey spin Eric around for the first look they had at each other :)

I was so excited when Chelsey agreed to do some of the photos at the Whoop Up Days midway. We had such a great experience there; everyone let us cut the line to get in quickly, and all the “carnies” let her and Eric on the rides for free, as well as playing along with our silly photo set ups. She joked that she’ll have to wear her dress to the park next year to take advantage of all the rides again. :)

After a crazy efficient hour of formals with just the two of them (all that you just saw was done in under an hour!) we drove out to a farm near Chelsey’s house where she had scouted a really great barn, and met up with the rest of their bridal party.

Oh Julie, I’m going to miss having you in all my bridal parties!

Chelsey’s family also had a gorgeous yard, so we did some photos there before heading to the ceremony in Coaldale.

Wait a sec!

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2 Responses to “Chelsey & Eric”

  1. Stephen Dueck says:

    Such amazing colours and captures, they both really are kind of silly, and that always makes the best photos and memories!
    Great work.

  2. John and Leonora Pauls says:

    The pictures are fabulous! It looks like you had a lot of fun -you all look great.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of the lovely couple and their attendants. Congratulations on a job well done!!