Julie & Chad

I always say how much I love working with people multiple times, and Julie and Chad are no exception. The last time I saw them was when Eric and Chad’s sister Ashley got married, and this time around the couples switched roles. The weather was considerably better than the last time so we were able to spend quite a bit more time playing outside. I had so much fun with all of them, and I loved how open everyone was to anything.

Julie and Chad are so sweet together and made my job totally easy :)

I get one more round with Julie soon when her friend Chelsey (the slightly taller bridesmaid here) gets married, and I’m so excited to work with those girls again.

Oh, and there are a LOT of photos after the cut! The further along this summer goes, the harder a time I am having narrow the photos down for blogs!

When her sister went to light the candle, the flame went out before she was able to do it, so she had to walk all the way across the stage to borrow some fire from their other sister :)

I’m pretty sure it’s inappropriate to say a church has been “pimped out” but E-Free sure did it with their new blue lights. I love it!

I was so stoked to do more piano photos!

Chad had Ashley as a groomsmaid… or is it groomsgirl?

That meant Eric lucked out on the hugging shots.

Most guys, not used to wearing jewelry, fidget with their ring a lot the first day ;)

Julie’s sisters came along for half of the shoot. I love how much color she worked into everything.

The trim on the bridesmaid (and groomsmaid) dresses was so cool!

Julie was so laid back and willing to do anything :)

It takes guts to jump off of a bridge in a dress! (and no shoes!)

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  1. From Mom says:

    I love the red wall behind the bride wearing red shoes!