[b]ecker comes to Calgary!

On Sunday I joined a few photographer friends to go to Calgary to go to [b]ecker‘s workshop at the U of C. We spent the entire day listening to his thoughts on all aspects of what he does – working with clients, how he runs his business, how he manages his photos, and how he has built his image/brand. The day was worth tenfold what we were charged to be there; I came out with so many great ideas and totally inspired! I’m so glad I was able to go to this.

p.s. The cowboy hat was a gift from the organizer to welcome him to Calgary :)

Onto the photos!

After lunch, we went outside for a demonstration shoot of how he works with his couples.

He shoots very fast, but Jan and I weren’t totally sold… I might still shoot a little faster from pose to pose! (I always apologize to my second shooters, don’t worry.)

A few of us creeped over his shoulder (or in my case, crept on the ground!) to steal a few shots of the couple.

Jan gets her headshot taken

At the end of the shoot, we each got a famous Becker headshot :)


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