Shooting with Warf: Frank & Val

Alright, now that I am done weddings for a while, I can catch up on a few weddings I second shot on! (Though each time I think I am done, another seems to pop up…) This one was shot with Michael Warf waaaaay back in August in Calgary. We accompanied Frank and Val to Calgary to celebrate their special day… at the Calgary Zoo! Unfortunately the weather was so cold and miserable that day, so our time spent outside was not as pleasant as it could have been, but we made due!

On my way into Calgary, I stopped in Okotoks to get some shots of Frank and his guys getting ready (while Michael was with the girls in Calgary). This was a challenge as I hardly fit in the hotel room with the guys, and I’m pretty skinny!

The guys had these great hats, but they were under orders not to wear them during the wedding, so we made sure they got some use earlier.

The ceremony and reception were in the African Lodge at the Zoo, a gorgeous room with big vaulted ceilings.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to the Zoo during the summer, so I was surprised (and thrilled!) at all the free range peacocks they had… even if large birds are a little terrifying.

After some family photos on the Zoo grounds, we took the bridal party across the bridge into Inglewood.

Very glad to have trailed along :)

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