Shooting with Warf: Jon & Dana

Again we are going back to August with this one! Michael Warf invited me along to second shoot Jon and Dana’s wedding in scenic Waterton, and I had such an amazing time! We were with them all day, right through to the party. Together with their bridal party they were a TON of fun – most of them knew each other from film school, and well, I like film school kinds of people :)

In keeping with that theme, Michael arranged a photo shoot in the old movie theatre in Waterton, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for those two.

Plus, these two were sooooo crazy in love. Dana’s gorgeous doe eyes were always oozing with adoration; I know “oozing” isn’t a very romantic word, but I can’t think of anything more descriptive of it!

I had trouble narrowing these down because we did so many things throughout the day, so these might take a little while to load :)

First though, a tale of my brush with nature! When I first arrived in Waterton, I had about an hour before I needed to meet Michael and his assistant Brien, so I grabbed a wrap from Subway and found a bench overlooking the lake. The deer in the area are very conditioned to all the tourists, so they graze quite close to humans throughout the town. As I sat there eating my lunch, a group of three does wandered by me, munching on the grass. Soon one turned around and started walking towards me. “It’s getting awfully close!” I thought, assuming it would stop at a certain point… but NO, before I knew what happened I was holding my wrap away from the deer’s grasp while having my cheek nuzzled! After realizing it would not be able to share any honey mustard goodness, it backed off and went back to finding stray leaves. Unfortunately, all the nearby people were too busy gawking at the sight to take a photo of it! You’ll have to take my word for it… I’m like Snow White!

Now, onto the photos!

Dana’s mom still shoots film :)

Her dad had such an awesome suit!

I love this little Catholic church. It has such warm inviting light inside.

The ceremony was Ukrainian Orthodox, where the entire service is sung rather than spoken. Despite being almost half Ukrainian, this was my first experience with such a thing :)

Michael gets credit for setting up the lighting :)

This was his doing, not mine! ;)

As much as you can make Waterton photos look like some romantic, remote location, the behind-the-scenes photos can be pretty fun too :)

That’s right… Thriller! They did an awesome job!

The father-daughter dance was a polka. These are my kind of people!

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