Shooting with Suderman: Doug & Kristine’s Halloween Wedding

This Halloween, Andrew Suderman was gracious enough to let me second-shoot for him for this really unique wedding! Doug and Kristine combined the chilly autumn weather with some excellent Halloween elements, which was right up my alley :)

I had Andrew assist me earlier this year, so it was cool to switch the roles. He’s a super awesome up and coming photographer in town, so make sure you check out his Flickr page!

Doug and Kris started with a “regular” wedding (well, regular but with Halloween decorations) in the German Canadian Club, and then we went outside for family photos. Unfortunately the wind was a chilly 80km/hr that day, so we weren’t able to stay outside for very long! Andrew set up his lights inside, so I wandered around capturing all the neat little details they had arranged in the hall.

After the lunch reception (they had an early wedding), we drove out to Stirling to go to the renown Haunted House! We were instructed that we could take photos inside, as long as they looked “creepy.” I am so glad Andrew had a flashlight in his gear bag so we could focus our cameras on them! And I have to admit, I was a very bad second shooter and totally hijacked that portion of the shoot! ;)

Their second, evening reception saw all the guests return in Halloween costumes. So much fun!

These were the shoes she bought to appease people:

These are the shoes she actually got married in:

Her parent’s dog

Her nephew

This always happens when I have a camera and am around Christmas bulbs :)


I love spiders, and my favorite color is purple… so YEAH, big fan of this cake!

I feel silly saying it, but this guy was so creepy!

The random cat is what makes this shot

Next to the Haunted House is a miniature town, which conveniently had a little church in it! (Along with this commandment that seemed to be missed the first time around…)

This was the first time I had EVER seen a grammie in a Halloween costume, and there were a bunch of them all dressed up! So cute!

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