Blind Mag sneak peak

Cassandra contacted me a while ago to do a photoshoot inspired by the character Blind Mag from the movie Repo, and things finally came together to make this happen! We had a great team on this and I have a few more to post, but won’t be able to get them online until I get back from WPPI. Stay tuned!

Hair: Cayley Moncrieff, Chatters @ Park Place
Makeup: Bonnie Ferguson
Assistant: Sara Giséle
Costume: Cassandra Pollock & Jeremy Nordstrom

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One Response to “Blind Mag sneak peak”

  1. Donner Thorsson says:

    Wow, this is awesome. I did some modelling and some acting in summer theater on Vancouver Island a few years back; if you want someone to come and play dress up just give me a shout :)