Mike & LeeAnna, Lethbridge Wedding

Mike and LeeAnna had a beautiful wedding at the beginning of July; we had a gorgeous day to work with and these two were radiating so much love that you couldn’t help but be totally happy around them! When I first met them I loved how cute they were and thought they had two of the most likeable personalities I’ve ever come across.

LeeAnna and Mike chose to see each other before the ceremony, which is always my favorite thing to do to get the most genuine emotions. They were so lost in each other when they first walked up and made contact that I felt bad to interupt them when it was time for posing!

When their bridal party showed up, we took everyone out to play, and Jan Tajcnar helped me out for the day for her usual sneaky paparazzi photos.

Mike checks out all angles of the dress.

I am loving wedding photos with tongue sticking out :)

When I told LeeAnna to stick her boobs out, Mike’s attention was instantly drawn there :P

They drove around in Mike’s Miata for the day.

I love her pose and expression here.

This is the spot where they had their first kiss :)

I was pretty excited when they requested doing photos at a playground early on! I was also happy it’s still possible to find a few of the old style playgrounds rather than those new boring plastic ones.

Mike’s sister gave him a supportive hand grasp when she walked down the aisle.

Michael the ring bearer had a drop, but was quickly back on track!

Michael almost stole the car while we were doing family photos (he seems to know what he’s doing).

In the evening they had their reception at the University of Lethbridge ballroom.

I found it hard to concentrate around the cake because it smelled so good!

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