Matthew & Jocelyn, a Lethbridge Wedding

Jocelyn and Matthew were married last weekend at a beautiful, intimate ceremony at Henderson Lake with their closest friends and family (officiated by my favorite, Norma!). Though they are both fairly quiet people, they constantly shared all these cute moments between one another that had me smiling a lot too. Matthew took some encouragement to smile with his teeth in the beginning (including his family yelling, “Teeth!” at him), but after a while his grin was ear to ear every time he looked at Jocelyn :)

As you’ll see, they kept things unique with Jocelyn’s awesome green shoes, super colorful flowers, and a Best Lady in place of a Best Man.

Thank you to Andrew Suderman for helping out, and climbing on garbage bins for family photos!

I love this moment they shared after their first kiss.

Jocelyn’s uncle was their chauffeur for the day, so they supplied him with the appropriate hat.

To get them to kiss at the reception, guests had to shoot targets with the Nerf gun.

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