Mitch and Kara, a Lethbridge Wedding

Kara and Mitch were married a few weeks ago at a beautiful sunny ceremony in Pavan Park with their closest family and friends in attendance. I had a fantastic time with them because they put the utmost trust in me and did anything I told them to for the sake of photos! (I made them “work for it,” Kara told me with satisifaction in her voice.) They were kind enough to let me drag them out to Monarch for the majority of their formal photos, and I’m so glad we went there because that is one of the most diverse towns I have ever seen for locations!

I was also pleasantly surprised to find someone I’ve known for a few years in their bridal party – Lethbridge is small like that, so I’m actually surprised it doesn’t happen more often!

Kara and Mitch are a sweet couple, and I must say I love Kara’s “kissy face” she often makes.

Thanks to Andrew Suderman for helping out this time around!

A little goofing around before the ceremony

Dear Town of Monarch, Please never rip down the old gas station.

I had Andrew on car alert here. Considering the highway no longer runs through town, there is a surprising amount of traffic on this road!

I am so grateful everyone endured the mud in the recently watered field. If it’s any consolation, I was definitely the most muddy in the end :P

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  1. Jan Tajcnar says:

    Fantastic Tanya!!! You are amazing!