Nick and Alyson, a Lethbridge wedding

The rain stopped just in time for Nick and Alyson’s beautiful wedding at St. Patrick’s church. Because they live in Vancouver, I didn’t actually meet them until the week of their wedding, but instantly took to them and knew I was going to have a great time (and I was right!). This was another crazy fun wedding, and all we did all day was play with the bridal party. With our first stop being a playground, it definitely set the tone for the rest of the day. I managed to sneak serious photos in throughout the day, but it was tempting not to ;)

Later on they had a big party at the Coast Hotel with DJ Thom, and it was another of those rare receptions where the dance floor was always packed. Wonderful!

Thank you to Sarah Underwood for climbing on things and helping out!

A quick stop for a soccer game. It was originally supposed to be just the guys, but the girls weren’t having any of that!

Please note the right side of the photo

I have been in love with this big moppy tree for years, and have finally used it for a photo :)

Even Grandma partied!

Aly’s dad rips up the dance floor

Nick didn’t know the “cake rules” and tried to feed Aly a piece from the top. This was his reaction when some of the family scolded him.

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