Ross and Erin, a Lethbridge Wedding

Many many years ago I met “Pleasant” Ross through our mutual friends in the university’s music department, and when I met Erin I was thrilled to find out she perfectly matched him in charm (she is officially “Pleasant Erin” now). The two were married at the Galt, which is always one of my favorite places in Lethbridge, and had their wonderful, silly friends standing up along with them. All the tears Erin and Ross fought back during the ceremony had me emotional too, and it’s always much stronger when I know the people!

I had so much fun with them all day, and their bridal party never failed to keep me entertained (I was delighted the week after when, second shooting for Michael, one of the same groomsmen showed up in that bridal party!)

The reception was a fantastic party where everyone was full of energy and had so much fun (the candy bar may be to blame for some of that). Normally I don’t post a ton of reception photos, but in this case I couldn’t resist :)

Thank you to Jan for helping out again!

The girls took the orders to “rough up Ross” very seriously

They first met each other at the university, so we stopped by there for a few photos.

An appropriate table treat for a reception of mainly musicians

Erin made this cake herself, but unfortunately it went through water damage that morning. It was still pretty enough to cut, but sadly we didn’t get to eat it.

None other than Thriller

There is some skill about to be used…

… but it wasn’t quite enough.

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