The Pollock Family – Lethbridge Family Photos

Last week, Cassandra rounded up her parents and sister for a long overdue family photography session (they hadn’t had one since the girls were quite young). It was an excellent time of year as I love red hair against autumn colors, though I must admit it was strange to photograph Cassandra in such normal circumstances; no zombie makeup, outrageous outfits, or hanging from strange structures, just natural photos for once!

I’ve been around the Pollock family on numerous occassions, but it wasn’t until our photo session that I truly realized just how silly they all are. If you are looking for “traditional” family photos, you came to the wrong place…

Remember what I said about the whole being silly thing…

And now that you are prepared:

This is where I commented I felt strange that Cassandra wasn’t a zombie at the moment:

The thistle patch: Magical and prickly. The smiles were partly of pain!

Boob fight!

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