Trevor and the family – Lethbridge fall photos

Trevor, Jenn, Carter, and Spencer met me in the river bottom this past weekend for family photos with the very last of the autumn leaves. I did Spencer’s photos when he was brand new, years before I even worked with Trevor, and it was great to finally get to take their pictures again!

However, we started out with a problem; Spencer tripped before the first photo, got a little scrape on his hand, and was then extremely unhappy! We distracted him a bit in the beginning with a bandaid, but soon he realized what happened and there were no happy faces to be had. Trevor and Jenn seemed pretty convinced all hope was lost, but I worked my magic and I worked quick when he did smile, and you’d never know how huge of a fuss was going on behind the scenes! :)

Throwing rocks in the river magically made his hand feel better!

He must have been in a better mood if he wanted to goof off like this :)

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3 Responses to “Trevor and the family – Lethbridge fall photos”

  1. Trevor says:

    You’re amazing! I was certain there wasn’t going to be a single usable photo. Wicked!

  2. Lori Lavallee says:

    I love the first image of the family . . . the LONG Look up that Spencer has to see Trevor. My other favourites: The one of Jenn with hand on Carter’s tummy; the one of Carter on her knee.

  3. Lori Lavallee says:

    Ooops; the one of Jenn with SPENCER on her knee