Desi and Chelsea, silly Christmas photos

I’ve been dying to post these photos, but since they were a surprise Christmas gift I had to wait till now. Desi and Chelsea came to me to do some cheesy Christmas photos, Sears style. Since I used to work there for a few years while I was in school, I knew just the poses they needed. This was the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a photo session! We could barely get through the session because we were all laughing so hard. Both of them hit up the thrift stores beforehand to get some tacky sweaters, and practiced the cheesiest smiles they could come up with for days before. I especially love that Desi parted his hair down the middle.

We started out with some normal photos just in case his mom didn’t take the joke very well :)

And then the real fun begins!

Last but not least, the FINAL RESULT!

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