Milo, Teyel, and Troy – Crowsnest Pass family photos

My second session last weekend in the Crowsnest Pass was with Teyel, Troy, and their new little baby Milo. Milo was yet another sweetie; he’s a little too new to the world to smile a lot, but he’s so good natured and easy going already. Teyel and Troy’s house had all kinds of neat things in it, so it was a perfect spot for their first set of family photos!

Milo had an awesome collection of toques…

…but some were a little too big yet :)

Yay, Christmas! Okay, maybe the hands in the air was just a reflex, but it’s possible he’s just that excited.

Dad is a musician, and Milo is definitely already set up to follow.

They also had a bunch of cute critters!

Not allowed to bother Milo during the session, and feeling rejected:

This is the real guard dog. He got so excited when I came in, that he fell over while barking :)

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