Disneyland for Christmas

Each time I go to Disneyland, I intend to blog my favorite photos but never get around to it… well, no more! This time around it was a challenge to find photos of things I have never taken there before, and with a few new Christmas elements and special touches around the park (along with some inclement weather), the task was much easier than I expected! Even though it rained quite a bit, it was nice to get away from the snow for a week and have a break :)

The Calgary Airport

Holiday candied apples

The artificial snow following the fireworks

It’s a Small World

Some odd stuffed animals for sale

A hidden Mickey in the orange tree

The cutest snowmen (and snow-women) you will ever see

The Grand Californian Hotel (which I sadly did not stay at!)

The rain puddles made for gorgeous reflections. It was still pouring at this time, so I had an umbrella over me and the camera.

No one here believes me that California gets cold in the winter, but those snow capped mountains aren’t at that high of an elevation!

Marshmallow snowman

The Haunted Mansion gets switched to the Nightmare Before Christmas for the entirety of the holiday season, so you can still experience Halloween belatedly :)

A murder of crows swarmed near the Haunted Mansion, how fitting :)

One of my favorite bands, Surburban Legends, was playing one night. I was so excited to find out that trumpet player Aaron has rejoined the band!

Another exciting gift from “Santa” was that my friend Alan had a piano shift on our last day at the park (he only fills in for other players, so we don’t always get to hear him).

That day they also had guest marching bands from the Rose Bowl Parade. This dog is naturally with the firemen.

This band trotted like horses while they played, which was super impressive.

With the release of the new Tron, Disneyland put on “ElecTRONica,” a street dance party inspired by the movie. They also recreated Flynn’s arcade, which was quite accurate (including 80s music!).

The event starts with a stage show, with 80s music and costumes, and then switches to the style of Tron Legacy, with music by Daft Punk.


The infamous $80 Tron Mickey Mouse Ears

Leaving a bit of snow for a lot of snow.

Lastly, the highlight of my trip was my conversation with a talking trash can:

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