Jeremy and Eve, a Lethbridge wedding

Jeremy and Eve were my first wedding of the year, and what a great way to start it off! They’ve been in love for quite some time now and only finally decided to tie the knot (which led to some great “It’s about time!” jokes during the ceremony). With their closest friends and family watching, they had their intimate evening ceremony in the Galt Museum. Luckily we were able to keep everything inside because it was a bit too chilly outside, but the Galt was warm and cozy.

We didn’t have much time for photos, but I had an awesome time with them when we were together. Eve is a total sweety, and I loved how Jer would randomly pull out silly faces in the photos. However, he knew just when to stop doing them so no one would get mad at him!

After the photos, Eve and Jer rejoined their family for hors d’oeuvres and music. I hope you guys had a fantastic time all night!

Jer kept nervously fidgeting with his jacket while he waited for Eve to come down the aisle :)

The nervousness all melted away when he saw her up close.

They had bagpipes to walk them up and down the aisle.

Jer’s mom is tolerant of his silly faces, and seems to encourage them.

In addition to a flower girl, they also had a ring bearer girl :)

Jer and his dad, who was also the best man.

Eve was having a wonderful moment with her mom on the side, but since it was so dark in there this isn’t the most candid photo as I had to quickly turn the lights around and tell them not to stop :)

There it is again! I loved Eve’s reactions :)

You would not believe the number of swimmers trying to photobomb us here!

Jer’s dad and stepmom were super cute

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2 Responses to “Jeremy and Eve, a Lethbridge wedding”

  1. Pat Boehm says:

    My goodness these are beautiful! Thank you Tanya!

  2. Eve and Jer says:

    This is so amazing I cried! I love the photos and the slideshow is amazing. You truly are fabulous Tanya and I am so glad we chose you! Thank you so much, you truly got what Jer and I are about :)