The Beth Monster, a body painting project

I have taken dreadfully long to post these! I wanted to give them proper attention, but constantly could never find enough time. Last spring, Beth shaved her head for a cancer fundraiser and wanted to do a few fun photo shoots while she was bald. We decided we needed to do body painting! Sarah volunteered her painting skills; normally she does face painting, so this was a bit of a stretch for her!

During Beth’s three hour makeup session, I freaked out a little at the pouring rain that wouldn’t stop, but luckily the last few drops fell as we drove to our location. I thought I found somewhere private enough, but for some reason everyone decided to go for nature walks in the rain that day, so we constantly either hid Beth in the vegetation, or paused to answer very curious questions from the people passing by.

As usual, Beth was an awesome model and her rock climbing skills really came in handy in her portrayal of what we decided was the “Beth Monster” (I would have fallen out of the trees if I tried to pose like her). Also, thank you to Sarah for the amazing painting job!

Model: Beth
Makeup Artist: Sarah Christensen

NSFW due to [painted] nipples

Behind the scenes:

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  1. Kelly says:

    These were awesome!!! What a creative idea and love the body paint :) Color are fantastic!!!

    Kelly :)