DrupalCon Chicago, Part III

By Thursday, I was definitely ready to go home even though I was enjoying myself so much (my own bed sounded way too good). However, I was ready to put in the final push to get through the last classes and learned all kinds of wonderful nerdy things about fonts and design.

Morten’s session, “How to Make Awesomesauce,” was definitely one of the most entertaining. He warned the coders that they need to start developing their modules in a consistent way that is easier for themers to use and modify, or else we were going to hunt them down.

He had many great analogies…

He also used my favorite Japanese cat, Maru, as an analogy for trying to fit content and requirements into places that don’t always accommodate it:

And then he Rick Rolled us. Geez.

After the last classes of the conference, we gathered for the closing session.

The wireless had been ridiculously slow all week. That’s not very surprising when they revealed that the 3000ish attendees had accessed the internet with over 4600 devices. How many do we really need? (Answer: All of them.)

There are also a growing number of women attending DrupalCon, though I must admit, I often felt a little out of place there being female! One advantage was that there was never a line for the washroom, while the men formed a long line for theirs :)

In the evening, we took one last walk to get some of that amazing Chicago pizza and made stops at The Lego and Disney stores for some souvenirs for Trevor’s kids.

Yes, I’m missing Disneyland. Yes, I was just there less than 3 months ago. Geez.

We flew back to Calgary on Friday, but luckily we had an afternoon flight so I was finally able to explore the lakefront in the daytime.

This was the only snow I could find:

About time I did a self-portrait!

This is the definition of terrifying, and I’m not even normally scared of birds:

A closer look:

Our hotel was next to the NBC office. I almost forget to get a good photo of the logo!

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