Greg & Tarah’s Beautiful Lake Louise Wedding

Without further ado…

Last month, Greg and Tarah had a fairy tale wedding in the mountains at Lake Louise. They spent their entire weekend at the Fairmont Chateau, which was an absolutely beautiful, romantic, and perfect venue to get married.

I brought Jan along for the weekend, and on our drive up I was quite worried about the weather… the temperature that morning hit -50C (with wind chill)!!! It had warmed up a bit (-20C) by the time we arrived in Lake Louise in the afternoon, but as we scouted out our locations for the next day, our hands kept freezing up every ten minutes. We were SO lucky the next day because it warmed up so much! I would have been so heartbroken if we couldn’t spend much time out in the snow for photos.

Tarah and Greg perfected every detail of their wedding (and even took part in the reception decor and designing the cake!). Everywhere we went, little girls stared in awe, commenting to their moms that they just saw a snow princess. We had tourists following us all day, snapping photos of the couple. Obviously they were more beautiful than the scenery :) They oozed with love, they were gorgeous, and we had more backgrounds than we knew what to do with.

Everything was perfect all day, and I’ve never had so much trouble narrowing down photos as I have this time. I have to warn you now, this post is more photo heavy than any I’ve done before, so you might not want to look at it from your iPhone ;)

SHOES! SHOES! These are worthy of Lady Gaga. I died a little when I saw them.

Flower girl Tegan was really interested in everything we were doing.

Tegan was excited to get going, and got dressed on her own while Tarah was being laced up.

Jan doubled as a wardrobe assistant.

The ceremony took place in the beautiful Victoria Room.

Greg checked his watch every minute that he waited :)

Tegan’s dad and Maid of Honor Marta’s husband sneaks a photo as they pass

The first look

Tegan started the thumbs up that day, and it caught on

This next set of photos were so hard to get. This was right in front of a set of elevators, and every minute or two they would open with a new set of skiers. The tourists, not wanting to get in our way, would pause even though we were frantically waving them through so we could resume faster. It’s all about faking how romantic the location actually was :)

The dinner was soooo amazing.

Tegan decided to help remove the pine cones during the cake cutting.

During the reception, we kidnapped the couple for some more formals around the Chateau. It was beautiful and quiet now that most of the tourists were in bed so we were able to get some really dreamy shots of Tarah and Greg.

On our way out, I set up a quick photo with one of the reception favors from the night before :)

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5 Responses to “Greg & Tarah’s Beautiful Lake Louise Wedding”

  1. Bryan Cooper says:

    Wonderful job, Tanya and Jan. Soo many memorable photos. I especially love the details shots of the reception and the one particular photo of the couple against the HUGE mountain vista :D

  2. Julie Crump; says:

    Absolutely amazing photos. Tegan is my grand daughter, Josh is our son, Marta daugher in law. Fabulous photos. Wow!! You also photographed my great nieces wedding – Julie and Daniel Manson’s wedding. Such a talented lady you are. Words just cannot describe your work.

  3. Greg Bolton says:

    Tanya…I am speechless. You and Jan did such a fantastic job. You not only captured perfectly the beauty of the venue and the season, but candidly captured the love and happiness that filled this entire day. Tarah and I couldn’t be happier and are very thankful you agreed to take on this “project”.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Lois Johnson says:

    What a beautiful setting for a wedding. Lovely photos!!!!! Thank you for sharing.
    Congratulations Greg & Tarah.

  5. Linda Sherk says:

    Hi Tarah and Greg,

    I finally saw your wedding photos. They are just beautiful. Everything about your wedding looked so elegant. The setting was wonderful. It was nice to see the bits of nature in your wedding.

    You make such a lovely couple. It’s easy to see how much you love each other. I pray that your love for each other will continue to grow through the years and that you will have a very long life together!

    Much love,
    Aunt Linda & Uncle Dave