Michel and Sara, a Lethbridge Wedding

This past Saturday Michel and Sara had a small intimate wedding with their immediate family and headed down to Indian Battle Park for a few hours of photos with everyone. This was the first time I got to meet their new baby girl Melina since taking their maternity photos, and I loved that they brought all their doggie babies along too (who behaved way better than at the last session!). Aside from the horrible mosquitoes, we had a gorgeous afternoon while we worked… we literally finished 20 minutes before the huge downpour though!

Everyone was so fun to work with, and there was so much cuteness… from Sara’s funky dress, to Melina huge open-mouthed grins, to Goldie snuggling everyone who held her… I ended up going “Awww!” a lot :)

Thank you for having me take part in your day, and sorry I didn’t bring a bottle of Off!

Michel was often tasked with holding the little ones during the family switches. Melina is busy trying to eat Goldie’s ear.


Ah, sibling love :)

Michel was caught in a variety of poses with Goldie, and finally he fell into this very super model esque pose

Bridal veils can double as mosquito nets!

This is in between more shots where Melina tried to eat Goldie’s ears…

Baby ankle rolls!

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