Always the photographer, never the bride?

In June, my mom and I went to Disneyland (yes, again), and unfortunately Cameron wasn’t able to get the time off of work to come along with us. We spent my last day in town together, and we both took the day off of work. For him to get the day off, he said, he had to go into work earlier the next morning, so we had a quick goodbye while I was half asleep and when my parents later picked me up, it was only myself in the house.

Shortly after my mom and I arrived at the airport, we walked over to the ticketing area and I started to fill out the customs form before we got in line. My mom went, “Hey,” to me, and pointed behind me. This made me aware that there was someone there, so I apologized and inched over to give them space to get to the counter.

“No, look,” my mom said. I turned around and Cam was there!

My first reaction was to cry, and I thought he had come all that way just to say goodbye to me in a much more romantic way. Instead of saying anything, I just stared blankly at him because I was having trouble processing why he would do this or how he got there.

“I thought I should come along,” he said, and held up his passport and ticket, so I cried even harder (but in a happy way!).

The two of them had been plotting this for a long time. We had booked our flight when my mom was in town, and Cam had casually looked at my confirmation and rushed downstairs to book the seat next to us on his own computer.

There’s a little more to the story…

The next morning I had trouble waking up (I am not a morning person) and Cam said he was going to go for a walk while I got ready. When he returned, he suggested we go for a walk together, and wouldn’t have any part of my insisting that I was hungry and wanted to just go to breakfast!

My mom also said, “I’ll wander around while you guys go for your walk.”

I started feeling nervous because it seemed like his surprise at the airport wouldn’t be the only one on this trip!

We walked down to the rose garden by our tower (one of my favorite places from when I was a little kid), and Cam was acting super nervous. Meanwhile, my mom was creeping in the distance, taking photos of us.

“Hey, what is that?” he said pointing to a ledge on the gazebo. Sure enough there was a ring box there, so I started to cry. The ring box was empty, since he didn’t want to leave it there unsupervised, but he got down and pulled the ring out of his pocket.

My mom continued to take photos during the ordeal, and finally we flagged her over to get some posed photos as well. I’m so happy we could have a paparazzi photographer during that moment!

This was definitely my most memorable Disneyland trip!

Everyone has asked us when the date is (they started asking an hour after we got engaged, which seemed a little soon to me!), and we’ve finally narrowed it down to May 2013. This gives us lots of comfortable time to plan it properly, and for me to work around my busiest photography seasons. I’ll be sharing details as they come together, and I’m already so excited!

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3 Responses to “Always the photographer, never the bride?”

  1. Sandra Dancoisne says:

    That made me cry…..

  2. Winston Campbell says:

    Congratulations! Your mom takes nice shots.