Chris and Sheana, a Lethbridge Wedding

Chris and Sheana were married in Pavan Park on an absolutely beautiful, sunny day with their closest friends and family in attendance. Jan and I got to spend a few hours with them that day and we had a great time!

Everytime I’ve met with Chris and Sheana, I’ve been so impressed with how exceptionally nice they are. And when they are together and can be all lovey, they are so absolutely sweet. They are just such a perfect match! I’m so glad I was able to share your day with you :)

I gave Sheana advice so that she didn’t need “assistance” from the girls, ha ha :)

Chris found gear cufflinks to match his ring.

With a lack of flower girl and only moments left before the wedding, they needed help putting out the flowers. As everyone giggled and called him the flower girl (and Jan and I snapped away), he moaned and exclaimed, “I hear so many shutters going!”

Their ring bearer Keadyn had no trouble making it to the front because he was excited to see his dad who was one of the groomsmen.

They had their dogs, Meka and Gypsy, as members of the bridal party. I love when people include the pups!

Working with dogs needs to be a quick thing. ;)

I love when the canola fields are in bloom.

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