Josh and Erika, a Crowsnest Pass Wedding

My favorite weddings are always when friends get married, and it means even more when I’ve known them since childhood. Though I didn’t really know Josh in high school, I’ve known Erika since grade 4, or maybe even grade 2! So, when people at the reception watching the slideshow laughed at her school photo where her hair was in a teased mullet, my laugh wasn’t so much of shock because I remember that photo :) I could probably dig up some other equally embarrassing ones out of my mom’s photos of my birthday parties, but I won’t!

Erika and Josh have been together for many years, and decided they wanted to take the time now to celebrate their relationship and bring all of their friends and family together. Though they’ve moved away from the Crowsnest Pass, they decided to have their wedding there. It was so great to be back with a bunch of school mates in the place where we grew up.

They had their wedding on top of the Pass Powderkeg ski hill, which luckily was finally free of snow (I knew a few people who referred to the Pass as “Snow Hell” this spring because the huge snow banks just wouldn’t melt). It was such a beautiful location overlooking the town and mountains, and they couldn’t have chosen a better spot.

I had so much fun hanging out with them for photos. Everyone was hilarious and constantly laughing. Erika and Josh were so crazy in love that I barely had to do anything to get those smiles out of them.

I’m so happy to have been a part of your day :)

The boy got ready at a cabin at Goat Mountain Getaways in Frank.

Josh utilized his time by having a meal before the ceremony. Multitasking!

The pins on the boutonnieres were too long, so Josh trimmed them and then joked he could take care of any stray nose hairs at the same time.

Erika and the girls got ready in the lodge at the ski hill.

Josh bought Erika a beautiful necklace, and the note he wrote her almost made her cry (she did a good job fighting her emotions to save her makeup, but there were quite a few close calls!).

Erika had numerous gifts like this hidden throughout her outfit.

With the sun directly in his face, Josh stayed strong in the pose he was supposed to stand in, rather than shielding his eyes with his hand.

An amazing view for a ceremony, overlooking Crowsnest Mountain :)

Josh couldn’t manage to be serious.

Another of Erika’s hidden items.

Erika bought Josh this gorgeous watch as his wedding gift.

Luckily the ruins of this old mining site (at least, I think that’s what it is!) are still standing. It’s such a beautiful location.

Their limo driver’s hat was also of significance to Josh’s childhood.

It was pretty dark in the reception hall, so I didn’t realize at the time that Josh wasn’t candid in the photo :)

Their champagne flutes were mongrammed with their initials.

They also had a glass etched for each guest at the reception.

On my way out, Josh was enthusiastically telling a story to some friends. This was the final shot of the night because I knew I couldn’t top this one!

Here’s a slideshow to their song:

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4 Responses to “Josh and Erika, a Crowsnest Pass Wedding”

  1. Donna Parkins says:

    The most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. (That’s because I am the Mom). It was a fabulous day, so much happiness, great company, great party. Thanks Tanya for capturing the moment for all to remember. The photos are wonderful.

  2. Kristen says:

    I agree they are awesome soo glad my eyes are not closed lol great job Tanya u really can see how in love they are in these pictures I just love them!!!!!!

  3. Mavis says:

    I watched you do a lot of these shots and I can’t believe what a creative, imaginative, romantic – and sometimes a bit subversive – eye you have. You somehow took what was obvious between them and gave it back to them in your photos. Well done.

  4. Sheri Gray says:

    I am interested in doing a wedding in the pass. Would you be able to share the locations? I know of Goat Moutain Getaway. Where was ceremony and reception? Thank you!