Jacob & Bryanne, a Lethbridge Wedding

Jacob and Bryanne were married last week at Maranatha Reformed Church and had a beautiful wedding on an absolutely beautiful day. These two are super hot and were a dream to work with, and it doesn’t hurt that they are both so sweet :)

Since they were married on the west side and we had a lot of ideas to fit in, we did all the formals on that side of Lethbridge. I always feel like the west side doesn’t have enough locations, but with some special permissions her mom dug up and a few neat little nooks, we totally rocked it! (Although the bridal party was genuinely confused at first to be taken to Taco Bell.)

We had so much fun with everyone, especially when they all cut loose at the playground :)

The guys shared a moment of prayer before the ceremony. And see that shelf behind them? That hurts for a week after you walk into it :P

Bryanne whispered to her dad, “Don’t look at grandma, she’s crying.”

The kids were a constant source of entertainment. They kept trying to go sit down when they were supposed to stay up there, and when it was everyone’s turn to sit down, they wouldn’t leave!

Bryanne joked about how they always thought the orange pews were a bit of an eyesore, but in the end they matched their wedding perfectly :)

When I asked everyone to smile, the ring bearer made sure the flower girl did so.

That much height in heels? These girls are hardy! :)

I asked Bryanne if she wanted this photo, as I knew what the guys’ answer would be. However, after putting up so much of a fuss they sure fell into the pose easily! ;)

Jake and all the guys had gorgeous pocket watches.

Murray Lethbridge was kind enough to lend us this matching Camaro for a few photos :)

Bryanne’s family used a couple extra connections to get us permission to do photos at Nord International. I love the old buildings there :)

The father-daughter dance broke out into a fun routine.

These tosses were serious business…

The bouquet saw a few people get taken down…

…but the garter toss became a wrestling match between Bryanne’s brothers! I almost got taken out by them. I didn’t know they could be so dangerous ;)

Jake’s sister was able to stand out of her wheelchair long enough for a dance with her brother, and soon his parents joined in :)

Here is their slideshow:

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2 Responses to “Jacob & Bryanne, a Lethbridge Wedding”

  1. Amber says:

    Who sings this song at the start? Whats it called ? I love it :) So sweet!!! Great pictures like always. I so want you to do my wedding pictures!!!

  2. Tanya says:

    The song is “Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath :)

    And thank you! :)