The Rice Family, a day in Waterton

I always love working with this family! The entire family came together – all four brothers, their families, the parents, and even an uncle – over the long weekend in Waterton Lakes National Park, and I met up with them on Sunday to get photos of everyone together. The little boys are a lot taller since I last saw them, but sadly not as smiley this time since Hayden was recovering from a fever, and after pulling on Carson’s eyelid as soon as we started, they didn’t enjoy being near each other very much!

Waterton was kind of crazy (I guess I’ve never been there on a long weekend before) so we were limited with locations and couldn’t drive anywhere else, but we found a few awesome spots behind their cabin.

It’s been so fun to watch this family grow, and now with a new baby on the way and an engagement (that happened right before I showed up!) it’s getting even bigger! And now onto even more blue eyes than before…

Literally the moment before the eye grab. This is the last time Carson will smile next to his cousin ;)

I knew Al was a joker after doing his wedding, and now I see he gets it from his dad.

This is the bench where they got engaged that day :)

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