Todd & Alex, a Lethbridge Wedding

Alex and Todd had a beautiful, intimate wedding with only their immediate family at the ceremony and then a party for more of their friends and family in the evening. Todd’s grandmother, Vivian, though unable to speak due to illness, was at times the life of the party – grinning wildly, enjoying champagne, and constantly giving her thumbs up when things were wonderful to her. She was such a ham in front of the camera, it was hard to get candid photos of her! The whole day was beautiful and romantic, and there was so much happiness and love among everyone.

They had their small ceremony on the balcony at the Lethbridge Lodge.

Vivian is proud to see her grandson get married!

Almost every groom spends the rest of the day fidgeting with the ring. It’s like clockwork :)

Nicholas Sheran Lake is one of Alex’s favorite places in Lethbridge so we made sure to take lots of photos there.

While Alex and Todd shared their first dance, their guests stayed close to their tables rather than crowding the dance floor. It gave me a clean view out of the corner of my eye of Alex’s parents, and I was able to catch this kiss.

The lack of crowding also let me include her mom in the father-daughter dance :)

However, this is the most difficult wedding I have had to post, for even though the wedding was so full of love, it would end with sadness.

A few days after the wedding, Alex tragically lost her father. I am so thankful to have been able to capture such beautiful images of their family interacting that day – the love between her mom and dad, how proud he looked that his daughter was getting married.

When Alex got ready that day, we did something a little unconventional. The light was nicest in her living room, where her father and brother sat waiting for the drive to the ceremony. Alex was happy to take my suggestion to finish lacing her dress and adding the finishing touches in that room, even though there usually aren’t any guys watching these things happen. At the time I had no idea how important it would be to capture the image of her father watching her and her sister.

I hope that in time they can look back at their wedding day and cherish the memories of these beautiful moments they all shared together, and let the happiness overcome the sadness. My thoughts are with the family.

Here is the slideshow from their day:

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