Photoshop World 2011, Las Vegas

It’s been a busy season so I’m two months behind on posting this, but better late than never, right?

I had a great time at Photoshop World again and learned many things which I have since forgotten (good thing I took notes!).

On my first day, I went on the Photo Safari with Joe McNally and Moose Peterson. I am lucky I signed up for it when I did because it was sold out several days later! This event is always popular because you get to spend an entire day shooting with these two very influential, talented photographers. They show you how they light scenes, interact with subjects, and see things the way they do. This year the field trip was to Bonnie Springs Ranch, which is a tourist attraction just half an hour outside of Las Vegas. The employees/actors who work at the ranch were our models, and they were great to work with.

We were on Moose’s bus. He taught us things and answered questions on the way there.

Our bus passed epic clouds and landscapes, but when we arrived at the ranch there was not a cloud in sight :(

Can’t get the wedding photographer out of me!

I introduce… Noir Peacock.

The cigarette was real. The peacock found it on the ground and was pretty happy to feed its addiction.

Just after the sun set, we headed onto the nearby hill for another lighting demo.

I was a little late getting to the burro and it snubbed me and walked away, but I managed to get one photo!

There are many interesting pokey things out there. I had cactus spines stuck in my sneakers for a few weeks after :)

I made some bus buddies, and we became known by our locations or quirks:
Chicago, Just Tony/Tardy, OP, Fisheye, Canada

After scrubbing off lots of desert dust and getting minimal sleep, it was time to start Photoshop World!

Joe McNally’s live lighting demo

RC points at some random thing (I think he just talks with his hands like I do!)

They went all out for the shooting areas again. Such amazing body paint! The man in the middle is the one who conceptualized this look.

It’s always a treat to run into Jeff Revell, though he was looking a bit like a cyclops.

This year I brought Cam along and we took a few extra days for vacation… plus I made him model for me a few times :)

Excellent view :)

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