Seth and Ashley’s Wedding (working with Jan)

Jan and I can never seem to get our schedules to match anymore, so it’s always a treat on the rare occasions we can work together! I was able to second shoot for her at Seth and Ashley’s wedding, out on his family’s farm near Vauxhall. I started out when the guys were getting ready (Jan was out with the girls), then Jan posed everyone while I crept around and took paparazzi photos :)

The guys couldn’t figure out how to fold these and relied heavily on the included instructions. In the end, a single groomsman had to do all of them.

The ring bearer had a bit of a meltdown for the wedding. His younger brother had to stand in for him in the processional.

While Jan focused on the “important” stuff, I was watching the little kids, who kept eating the Skittles on the signing table and running through the bushes :)

The girls quietly tried to encourage the kids to come back out to the front.

Ashley’s dad feigned anger at us that we kept making him remove his sunglasses. He’s 18, he makes his own decisions! :)

Major pout!

Skittles, last minute addition to the bridal party, and a trampoline. Best day ever!

Makeshift lens hood!

Well-timed pelicans…

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